3D Printers have opened up a world of possibilities for professionals, hobbisests, and artists of every genre. They are unique pieces of equipment that every homeowner and business owner should own, but if you have yet to enjoy 3D Scanners as well, you are doing yourself and your projects a disservice. 3D Scanners are revolutionary tools that have the potential to take your 3D Printing to the ultimate level, but shopping for the right 3D Scanner can be a challenge. However, with every obstacle, there is a way to overcome. Those seeking the perfect 3D Scanners in 2019 have found that making their own provides a far better solution than what is currently on the market. Here are the top DIY 3D Scanners for 2019.

Murobo Atlas

Saving money is essential when thinking of buying 3D Scanners. They are currently very expensive, but thanks to DIY 3D Scanners such as Murobo Atlas, the need to scan does not come with a large price tag. This model costs just a few hundred pounds and utilises laser triangulation technology for each scan. Its max resolution is .25mm, so you are sure to receive high quality scans.

The Murobo Atlas comes to you in one of two ways. You can purchase all the pieces and put it together like a model via this helpful video. Or you can choose to 3D Print the PLA and ABS plastic parts and use the video once again to put it together. No matter which you choose, the Murobo Atlas is currently at the top of its game in the 3D Printing industry.

Murobo Atlas DIY 3D Scanner. Ideal for simple to complex 3D Printer projects.

Turntable Mobile Phone DIY 3D Scanner

The above Murobo Atlas utilises triangulation technology to produce high quality 3D Scans, but it is not the only way to capture an image for use with 3D Printers. The technology surrounding 3D Scanners is amazing to say the least and what is even more amazing is that many of the DIY 3D Scanners available are almost free to 3D Print. An example of the most economical, yet high quality 3D Scanners is the Turntable Mobile Phone DIY 3D Scanner.

The Turntable Mobile Phone DIY 3D Scanner uses Photogrammetry to capture the image. Essentially, you use your own cell phone held in place by the device to capture the image from the turntable. The quality image you receive will be largely based on the quality of your camera. The higher the pixels in your phone, the higher your final image quality will be. Building this device will cost nothing more than the materials put into it along with this free DIY 3D Scanner video.

DIY 3D Scanner using your smartphone to scan.

FabScan PI 3D Scanner

Francis Engelman was the inventor of the FabScan PI DIY 3D Scanner. Its original version was made in 2011, but has since become more sophisticated and more user friendly than ever before. Innovations such as the use of a Raspberry PI camera have allowed this scanner to rise up the ranks and become the top of the line DIY 3D Scanners for 2019. What makes it different is the use of Laser Triangulation 3D Scanner Technology.

Those who choose to use the FabScan PI 3D Scanner have many options to choose from as each model has evolved in both attributes and price. Currently, you can build your own FabScan PI 3D Scanner for just a few hundred pounds and less if you choose an older model. If you are interested in the FabScan PI 3D Scanner, this link to the downloadable plans is all you will really need. Of course, you will need the proper materials for your 3D Printer as well.

FabScan DIY 3D Scanner

These DIY 3D Scanners are just the tip of the iceberg for what can be done with current 3D Scanner technology. Building your own 3D Scanner allows you to make it what you want it to be. If you need to change something to accommodate your unique needs, it is possible. DIY 3D Scanners not only allow you to be more creative and personal with your design, but also allow you to save a lot of money in the process. With some 3D Scanners on the market today costing thousands of pounds for overly complicated designs, it is nice to see that with a little ingenuity and a few spare parts, you can have a high quality 3D Scanner ideal for all your 3D Printing projects.

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