Tips for Successfully Prototyping Your Designs

Dreaming big is a part of humanity. Those that have not dreamt have yet to experience what joy it can bring. It is, however, not enough to merely dream. The true test of your skills is to bring one of your ideas into spectacular reality. Prototyping is the general avenue people use to bring their dreams to fruition. The world of prototyping can be a challenge to navigate, but when successfully managed, it a remarkably rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help make your 3D Prototyping dreams a reality.

Careful Who You Talk To

Countless designs have been stolen by those that should have supported the original designer. By far, the best advice we can give is to guard your ideas and copywrite the idea, materials, process design, and virtually everything about the product before you open your mouth. Always remember, there are others looking for their big break and will not hesitate to step on you to get it. Guard yourself throughout the process.

Perfection is Not Always the Goal

Perfection is often what inventors and designers strive for, but during the prototyping process, perfection should remain well out of your mind. Your initial design does not have to be pixel perfect, but simply portray the idea. 3D Prototypes are merely images of the final product. The initial design will likely have to be reimagined multiple times before the final result comes into view. Take your time with the design process, but do not overdo things in the beginning.

3D Printed Glove Prototype

Invest in a Quality Computer Program

Where novice inventors often fail is during their design process. Where the initial design does not have to be completely perfect, it does have to be produced in a quality computer program for production. Computer programs such as SketchUp, Inventory, SolidWords, AutoCad, Zbrush, are just some of the quality programs we are talking about. We live in a digital society and it is no longer an option to provide a sketch to investors and impress them. Computer programs such as these allow you to produce the model fully in the computer for presentation purposes and translates perfectly to prototype specialists when it comes time to produce your idea.

For those that are not adapted to programs such as these or if you simply do not have access to these, sometimes expensive programs, you may have to hire out for the designs. This is an excellent option, but again, privacy is your biggest necessity. When hiring out on freelancing sites or to anyone, have them sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). It is merely a way to protect your idea and design. A quality freelancer will have no trouble signing one of these agreements.

A Prototyping Flow Chart to Help Keep You On Track

Do Your Research

You may be under the conclusion that your design is perfect and there is no need for change, but remember, you are only looking from one set of eyes. Getting others involved in the production of idea is great after your copywrite is well in place. Conducting your own research will further assist in producing a quality design that people are going to really like. Focus groups and one on one studies in which clientele can look at, touch, and give feedback on the design will give you a better perspective on anything you might have missed. It is easy to miss a small detail that could be a big deal to potential customers, so do not be dismayed at the thought of conducting your own research studies. It can cost a bit more but pays off substantially in the end.

Extra Tip from a Former Research Employee

This might sound a bit strange to those who have never been a part of a research firm, but always verify the respondents. Certain companies will, simply make up results and collect the money without ever talking to respondents. A way to shield yourself from this issue, is to have them provide real, credible phone numbers and actively verify each one. Have a clause in place that if a certain percentage of phone numbers cannot be verified, the research firm will not be paid.

Find the Right Prototype Company

Finding the correct prototype company is essential to the success of your prototype. There was a time where this avenue was only for set people who could afford the insanely high prices of prototyping, but thanks to 3D Printing, things have changed. 3D Printing Prototyping allows you to have the right product at a fraction of the costs.


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