What You Can Print with Your Very Own 3D Printer to Keep You and the Whole Family Entertained

2020 has certainly brought about some changes to our everyday routine. People are staying home more now than ever before and ongoing lockdowns have made some of us a little stir crazy. Finding activities to keep the kids entertained can be a challenge, but if you happen to have a 3D Printer, you can make a mundane afternoon into a fun and enjoyable time for the whole family. Here are just a few ideas to get you started 3D Printing your entertainment.

Make Your Own Record

Music is something that brings people together. One of the main things wrong with our world today is that people do not dance enough. To solve that problem, get creative and make your own 3D Printed record. 3D Printers are designed to make intricate pieces, so it is easy to make your own tracks on your computer and 3D Print your very own record. Allow the kids to get involved in production and make music together. You do not need a high end studio to produce your own tracks when you have a 3D Printer.

3D Printed Products

3D Printed records can be produced for all sized turntables and are a lot of fun to make and play. Best of all, different filament colors add variety to your collection.

Have a Boat Race

Parents have to get creative with their activities these days and most indoor venues are completely closed. Parks remain open, but playgrounds on those parks are currently off limits. No bother, make your own fun and spend time in the park by having a boat race with your family. 3D Printers can print practically any type of design, so allow the kids to design their own 3D Printed boat, pack a lunch, and head to the park for a little boat race. It can also be an excellent way to educate kids on how various designs impact speed and agility in the water. It never hurts to turn a fun time into an educational opportunity.

3D Printing

3D Printed boat floating along the water. Motors can be added to provide thrust to your creation.

3D Printed Plant Holders

Horticulture education is vital in the world we live in today. Kids today rarely get the opportunity to see how plants grow and some never even consider the fact that the earth provides the food we eat. Take this quarantine time to educate your little tykes on how to make something grow. 3D Printed planters can be produced in various shapes and sizes to provide a unique view into nature’s wonder. Make a variety of different sizes and styles to determine which one works best for optimal plant growth. Anything can become educational and instilling this attribute into your kids will impact them throughout their lives.

Spirograph Art

Sometimes it is raining and impossible to take the kids out for a walk, but that does not mean you can allow them to enjoy a little fun. Spirographs have been entertaining kids for decades and in a time where we cannot simply go to the store and pick up one for the kids, consider 3D Printing some Spirograph pieces for them to enjoy. These pieces can be 3D Printed using plastic or even metal and can be made to be far more durable than the standard Spirographs purchased in the store. Additionally, you can make unique shaped pieces to further enhance your child’s creativity.

3D Printed spirograph

3D Printed Spirograph. Fun for kids and adults alike.

Test Out Plane Designs

The same notion stated above with the 3D Printed boat idea can be used for education on flight. Like boats, planes have various attributes that allow them to remain aloft. Aerodynamics, thrust, lift, and many other essentials make flight possible and 3D Printing various parts of the plane will help educate the kids the technique that make planes fly. This project is best left to plastic filament as metal may prove difficult to provide substantial lift. When designing your 3D Printed planes, allow the kids to look at various designs and choose their favorite, or if you have a considerably artistic minded child, allow them to make their own design organically.

There is no telling how long lockdowns and restrictions will have to remain, but what remains evident is our need for quality time with family. Even if you are among the many that use their 3D Printer primarily for work purposes, do not forget to use it for fun as well. Kids grow up quickly, but it is the memories made when they are young that make the most lasting impact. Who knows, by using one of these educational and fun 3D Printing projects, you could inspire your children to their future career. Enjoy the time you have with your family and let 3D Printing help your family have a little more fun.

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