Any and all tools used in this article should only be used by trained individuals wearing proper protective equipment such as gloves and eye safety goggles. Attempt at your own risk.

The World of 3D Printing is Moving to the Workbench

Today, almost any device can be made with the use of 3D Printing technology. This influx of new options is primarily due to the printing materials available to modern 3D Printers. Instead of merely plastics, many printers can utilise a number of metals producing stronger and more durable final products. This makes for the perfect avenue for 3D Printed tools. If you have ever wondered if it is possible to get a quality tool from a 3D Printer, guess what? It is!


A wrench is something that is used more than any other tool. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact fit to every bolt. Sized wrenches, as well as crescent wrenches, are found in most hardware stores. But now, you can simply print your own. Imagine working on a project at home or at the office and you are in need of a specific wrench size, but one cannot be found. Simply print out your own in the specific size required for the job. This can also help if you happen to lose your crescent wrench and find yourself without an alternative. Your 3D Printed crescent wrench will get you out of a lot of jams.

Plastic crescent wrenches can be utilised for easy jobs, while metal will be used for more durable purposes.


Whether you need a Philips or flathead, chances are you have quite a few screwdrivers sitting around in your tool shed. The problem with screwdrivers is often the same issue with wrenches. You do not always have access to the correct size making repairs a hassle. 3D Printed screwdrivers can have a significant impact on both average DIYers as well as professional contractors. The thought of being able to simply print out the correct size screwdriver for a job is impressive enough, but when you combine that thought with the ability to print screws to correspond with the job as well, that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Broken or stripped screws are no match for a contractor that utilises 3D Printed tools such as screwdrivers and corresponding screws.

The image featured here is not simply a screwdriver, but a wearable device with multiple bits in one wrist band. Although this is not a traditional screwdriver, as with most 3D Printed models, it is quite impressive.


Clamps are a necessary tool for any workshop or handyman. They hold wood and other materials together while glue dries and often work as an extra set of hands when doing repairs alone. 3D Printed clamps have become available and the beauty of these devices is that the handyman or professional contractor is not subject to simply what is available at the hardware store but has the ability to get the customised clamp to make any job easier.

3D Printed Clamps comprised of plastic composites for strength and durability. These are just one example. 3D Printers can print most any design or shape for your clamp.

3D Printing your own clamps means that you can print from various materials, metals and plastics included, but also print multiple widths as well. A contractor often has to utilise many clamps simply because larger ones are not available. In addition to full customisation, some contractors can choose to manufacture their own clamps complete with their company logo for a convenient marketing option. The possibilities open up drastically when 3D Printed clams are in play.

Utility Knives

A utility knife is a contractor’s best friend, but blades can break and sometime specific brands of knives may be discontinued leading to difficulty finding blades that fit correctly. A contractor will normally just buy a new brand to accommodate this issue, but with 3D Printed utility knives, blades and body of the knife could potentially be printed specifically for the contractor. For contractors with larger or smaller hands, being able to print their own knife means they can customise the fit to get a knife that is most comfortable to them. This may seem like a simple thing, but as much as a contractor uses their utility knife, having one that is customised to their grip can prove to be quite a comfort on a job.

The image featured here is a utility knife without the blade. Knives can be customised to specific blades or blades customised for your 3D Printed knife.

3D Printing is a world full of imagination and wonder. With so many advancements within the industry, the ceiling of possibilities has been removed. Whether you need a specific tool for a certain job or look to market tools featuring your business’s logo, 3D Printing opens up a new world of options. Both metal tools and plastic composites can be printed with the latest 3D Printers on the market today. Take the time and examine you tool box and see how 3D Printed tools might impact your life. You will find them to be far more beneficial than simply what is available at your local hardware store.

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