How a 3D Printer Can Help You Do More

For those who intend on 3D Printing their own fitness equipment, do so with caution and at your own risk.

3D Printing has become an essential tool in many industries including automotive and medical fields. However, 3D Printers can do more than just manufacture car parts and save lives through 3D Printed organs. It can also work on a more intimate level to improve your personal life as well. One area in which many people fail to meet their goals is with fitness. Well, 3D Printing might actually help you improve your body and reach those fitness goals faster.

Work on Your Grip Strength

People today are more in touch with their need to become fit than ever before, but they are not all turning to the local gym to help them achieve their goals. Entertainment with fitness has now become the top way to stay in shape. One example of this is our obsession with producing obstacle courses that only a select few can master. Those enthusiastic about running these courses must train in order to complete the tasks. Unfortunately, training facilities can be expensive and limited depending on where you live. However, some fitness enthusiasts are finding it beneficial to create their own training facility right in their own back yards.

Where people often fail in these attempts at obstacle courses is not in their ability to lift massive pillars or even a fast, agile performance, but in grip strength. This is where 3D Printing can help out incredibly. If you are among the many creating backyard obstacle courses, never neglect to include a grip wall in your routine. Custom grips can be made using a variety of 3D Printed materials such as metal and plastics. Work to make your grips smaller than average to help improve performance when it comes time to actually run a proposed course. Even though it might seem like a small thing, your grip strength can save you when it counts most.

3D Printed Grips can be made for walls as well as more linear designs depicted in many modern obstacle courses today.

Customisable for Special Needs

When strolling around a fitness store, you will see your fair share of quality dumb bells, workout benches, and an assortment of tools to help cut the fat and build muscle. One thing, however, you may not see much of is specialty equipment designed for those with special needs. We all understand that some people may not have all of their appendages or have different motor functioning abilities, but the vast majority of fitness driven companies neglect to manufacture equipment for these people. 3D Printing opens up a world of possibilities.

Just because your body is not exactly like that of someone else should not keep you from enjoying the freedom of getting fit. Customised machines are now being made for those with special needs as well as complete appendages for those that may have lost a leg, arm, etc. Even those with motor function disabilities can enjoy customised equipment designed to emphasize their strengths without putting a radar on their weaknesses. If you have a special need or know someone who does, consider making them a customised 3D Printed fitness machine or a piece of equipment to help ease the burden brought on by standard fitness options.

3D Printed Leg for increased usability and a bit of style thrown in as well.

Affordable Fitness

When buying fitness equipment, most people do not realise they are paying a premium price for the name printed on it. Big name companies make millions off of just their name alone, regardless of the effectiveness of the equipment itself. 3D Printing can save you from the name brand torment of standard fitness equipment and put the power back in your own hands. Whether you require complete home gym or just a simple device to help cut the fat a little, you can do it all with 3D Printing.

3D Printers can help you get the right grips for your equipment to give you an edge in your workout routine and offer endless solutions for customisable equipment for any type of exercise. Best of all, manufacturing the pieces yourself with 3D Printing will be remarkably cheaper than buying them from a name brand fitness store.

3D Printed fitness chairs can be customised with weights to get the perfect workout.

3D Printers have been a marvelous addition to many different industries and if you have yet to embrace the fun and functionality of 3D Printing, you are missing out. Never before have so many options for 3D Printing materials been available and more are being introduced each year. No longer is your 3D Printed Model only available in plastic materials. Get the most out of your 3D Printing experience with materials such as metal to improve your everyday fitness routine and so much more!


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