How 3D Printers are Taking Tennis Enthusiasm to the Ultimate Level

Disclaimer: Manufactured equipment for sports such as Tennis is made to be as safe as possible. By producing your own equipment via 3D Printing you are knowingly taking these risks on yourself. Always ensure you conduct use of your 3D Printed equipment with the utmost of caution and at your own risk.

Tennis is one of the few sports that seems to transcend cultural backgrounds and can be found in virtually every country in some form or another. Tennis is a very lively sport that has been played since 1859 and, even though it is certainly not the oldest sport in the world, it has captured the hearts of many to become one of the world’s favored sport activities. Playing tennis involves equipment like with many sports and these days, that equipment, along with other aspects of the game are being manufactured through the magic of 3D Printing.


Tennis, although an intensely active sport, remains an elegant one as well. The angle and force in which the racket is swung will determine how fast and where the ball goes and where one might think that the strings play a pivotal role, it is actually the handle that allows for the player to control the direction of the ball. A handle that is too smooth can potentially fly completely out of the players hand and a handle that is not made for the players hand can be an equally distracting object.

3D Printing offers maximum flexibility in terms of handle materials and design. Every player, especially professionals, have their own brand and tennis racket model they prefer. Deviating from their preferences can have a drastically negative effect on their overall game. Imagine for a moment that a player’s hand can be completely analysed and provided a tennis racket for an exact fit and comfort level. That is what 3D Printing has the potential to provide to every player.

This form of manufacturing ideal tennis racket handles would also make it less expensive to have a high-end tennis racket, the player could design the racket handle to their exact specifications without turning to big name manufacturers to get the job done.

3D Printing materials

Customisable 3D Printed Tennis Racket Handles for the perfect fit every game.

String Materials

3D Printed handles are only the beginning of what 3D Printers can do for the Tennis industry. A tennis racket requires a set of strings woven together to provide a place for the ball to bounce between players. In the very early stages of tennis racket manufacturing, cat intestines were often used as they provided optimal bounce. However, this impractical, and often inhumane attribute of the sport is no longer how tennis racket stringing is accomplished. Today’s rackets are comprised of a synthetic material that maintains bounce with substantially increased durability. 3D Printers utilise the same synthetic materials and much more, so it is only natural that this form of manufacturing would be adaptable to the industry.

Other Tennis Related Activities

Tennis is amazing and is played on a substantially large course, but there are other activities that have since been adapted from the sport on a smaller venue. Table tennis is one of the most enjoyable sports for people of all ages. Table tennis is a sport in many countries as well and seems to require far less physical ability than traditional tennis. Table tennis has many adaptations for 3D Printers.

Not only can table tennis rackets be easily manufactured through the magic of 3D Printing, but the table as well. Table tennis rackets can be made more wind resistant without taking away from their playability and the tables, themselves have the ability to be made in various colors and designs for a truly customisable experience. Again, this is an area in which few manufacturers have yet to discover leaving the worldwide open for new ideas from both professional and novice 3D Printer enthusiasts.

3D Printed rackets

3D Printed Table Tennis Rackets fully customisable to the needs of the player instead of the need of the manufacturer.

3D Printers are amazing tools that allow the maker to be in charge. Whatever you can dream up in your own head can be brought to life through the beauty of 3D Printing and the endless number of material options modern 3D Printers provide. If you are among the many sports enthusiasts out there, take some time to examine your equipment. Note any flaws in the design and then design your own. You will find that your designs, even though they are meant for your, individual use, will have validity in helping other players as well. No matter the sport, or who seems to dominate manufacturing of the materials, 3D Printers open up a new world of possibilities that high end manufacturers simply cannot match. There is nothing more refreshing in life than human ingenuity.

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