3D Printing is a fun way to express creativity or prototype products without the hassle of a middle man production team, but today, 3D Printing is finding its way into the restaurant industry as well. If you have dined in some of the best restaurants on the planet with the most innovative options, you are in for a treat as more restaurants turn to 3D Printing for various aspects of the industry.

Pure Customisation

Eating is an adventure, but traditional restaurants are limited in their ability to surprise some of their more seasoned food enthusiasts. People that have eaten every type of food all over the world can be difficult to impress, but with the use of 3D Printers housed in kitchens, pure customisation, and a surprisingly unique experience, is easy to accomplish. Restaurants now have the option adding their original stamp on dishes of all types and even providing dishes that are made into the shape of the restaurant logo. Pure customisation is finally here and it tastes so good with 3D Printing technology.

3D Printing in Restaurants becoming the norm.


An idea is great, but without the ability to see that idea come to fruition, it is simply meaningless. The concept of using 3D Printers in professional kitchens has been on the table for quite some time, but it is only recently that the idea has become reality. The difficulty facing the concept of 3D Printed food is in the nutritional value of the product. Food is intended to be fuel for the body, but most manufactured substances fail to provide adequate nutrition. That was until the Foodini was invented.

Foodini is not merely a 3D Printer but is a concept that ranges from the professional kitchen market all the way down to the average home kitchen. For those that do not enjoy cooking, or simply have yet to master the art, Foodini is an option. Although the market is currently growing, many professional kitchens have integrated Foodini into their kitchens for one main reason. Foodini, the top-ranking food related 3D Printer, can actually help with food cost.

Food is expensive and the best cuts of fish are the highest price. However, with Foodini, most foods can be 3D Printed with little trouble. This means that ugly foods or those that may not look presentation quality can be reformed in the machine to produce a more appealing final product. Although getting your own Foodini at home may still be a bit in the future, we may see an age where parents entice their little ones to eat healthier simply by reforming their foods into more appealing shapes. It takes the concept of eating healthy to a whole new level.

Foodini, The Ultimate Food Friendly 3D Printer

Food Ink

It is one thing to incorporate 3D Printers into a professional kitchen as a means of producing specialty utensils, but it is quite another to actually utilse the technology for varied aspects of the restaurant. Food Ink is a restaurant that is taking 3D Printing to a whole new level and turning what people think they know about 3D Printed foods into something unimaginable.

Food Ink is noted as the world’s first 3D Printed Restaurant, but it is more than that. The average restaurant remains in one location, however, Food Ink is a pop up restaurant meaning it travels the world in different locations enticing people to reimagine what they think food should be. Even more unique than that, Food Ink ensures that the heritage of the food is kept intact while melding with modern technology. Food Ink can be a bit difficult to understand, so to fully understand, their video on the site below will better explain how this first ever 3D Printed restaurant is making waves in the restaurant industry.

Food Ink, the world’s first 3D Printed Restaurant touring the world.

The world is changing faster than we ever imagined and 3D Printers are finding their way into virtually every industry. For the artist as well as the manufacturer and now even the restaurateur, the options of 3D Printing is wide open. The next time you take the family out for a nice dinner, take a close look at your food. It may not be exactly what you think you ordered, but rest assured, in the right hands, 3D Printed food is sure to taste amazing.

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