It is currently estimated that the cosmetics industry has grown to approximately $99 billion in annual sales. This number has continually grown as more people turn to cosmetics as a form of the coveted fountain of youth. Even the 3D Printing world has taken note of this booming business and are catering products specifically toward this booming world business entity. Here are some examples of 3D Printing within the cosmetics industry.

Mink – The New Way to Print Makeup

The Mink 3D Printer is not a completely new product. It was released in 2014 by Grace Choi. Grace is a Harvard graduate that introduced the world to Mink at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Conference. The concept of creating your own makeup is rationalised by the DIY mindset that most consumers are focused on these days. Years ago, makeup users were singularly focused on one brand and extremely loyal to that brand.

However, times have changed and with Mink, makeup users have the opportunity to custom create their own makeup without the confines of strict brand constraints. Those with unaverage skin tones or customers experience sensitivity issues with standard brands can ensure their makeup is completely safe and effective for their specific skin type. Mink has revolutionised the industry and given it back to the consumers and away from big name makeup companies.

The Mink 3D Printer specifically design for virtually any type of makeup.

Custom Makeup Holders

3D Printing is something that has taken off considerably in the last few decades. With a boom in the DIY mentality, and more people exploring what they can create without the confines and risks of big companies, 3D printing opens the doors for true creativity. Those with many cosmetics require a place to house and display their products and the 3D Printing industry is happy to provide.

3D Printers are instrumental in creating unique displays and custom orders for odd shaped cosmetic cases. With the ability to customise any makeup display, department stores and individual makeup providers now have a place to display their creations more efficiently. Some cosmetic companies even house their own 3D Printers, in house to create the unique displays custom made by designers to wow the public and drive traffic into their physical stores.

3D Printed Makeup Holders for custom displays can be made in any color and any design for a unique look to any makeup display.

Unique Makeup Packaging

Apart from displays, makeup companies entice customers by unique packaging of their products. This includes both the individual holders, such as lipstick tubes, and unique packaging options for those looking to make an image for themselves within the industry. Packaging is important and is an integral part of marketing the company’s brand. Large companies have no problem marketing their products as they maintain entire departments devoted to marketing as well as an established brand image with a following.

New companies just breaking into the industry have a difficult time moving past the brand identity of the larger companies to make it within the industry. It is often the packaging the entices new customers to try their products leading to possible brand loyalty. Startup cosmetic companies can use 3D Printers to make their products stand out with unique makeup applicators and packaging. Due to the versatility of 3D Printers today, custom colors and shapes are not a problem. Startup makeup companies would be wise to invest in 3D Printers for the purpose of standing out in this growing industry.

3D Printed Makeup Packaging is becoming more common as more startup companies step away from traditional packaging options.

As 3D Printing grows, rest assured, we will see more products related to the cosmetic industry. 3D Printers can do a great deal to assist both large, established makeup companies as well as the many startups. The best thing is that makeup design can finally match with unique product designs as well from makeup holders, to packaging, to even a 3D Printer specifically designed for producing makeup. The industry is booming and we will surely see more from the cosmetic industry and 3D Printing in the near future. Keep your eyes open for what is coming next as both industries grow into a bright new season of companionship.

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