Boats, Ships, and Yachts, Never Looked So Good

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that 3D Printing for Marine products is always to be done at your own risk.

Water makes up most of the earth and since the earliest civilisations, humans have worked to find a way to glide across the water’s surface. Today’s marine industry is not just simple boats, but yachts, cruise ships, and military vessels. Some people even solely live on their boats and yachts, traveling the world in style. Still, no matter what sector of the marine industry you enjoy, there is always room for improvement. 3D Printers are here to help make this area of our lives, better than ever before.

Safety at its Core Element

Some people actively avoid getting on a boat and heading out into the vastness of the ocean. The thought of being the only body out there with just a boat beneath them is enough to frighten some, would be, marine enthusiasts. This is an area in which 3D Printing could help tremendously. Imagine, being out on the ocean and a piece malfunction on your vessel.

Standard protocol is to send out an SOS call to anyone close by. However, if you had an onboard 3D Printer, the potential to fix your problem is available. Even if the power were out, generator power onboard the vessel would be enough to run a 3D Printer and conveniently manufacture the piece required. Although some people still might fear the deep ocean, it would certainly alleviate the stress from many potential ocean goers.

3D Printers would be ideal for any size vessel. Many are compact and versatile providing the ability to manufacture necessities on site rather than waiting for rescue deep in the ocean.

Customisation at Its Best

Vessels range in prices and types throughout the marine industry, but customised yachts are among the most profitable sectors for boat manufacturers. The ultra-rich have the money to get exactly what they want and, rightfully so, manufacturers do their best to ensure everything is customised down to the smallest detail. Time is money when manufacturing anything for customers especially within the marine industry. The faster the manufacturer can produce a customised vessel, the happier the customer will be. Unfortunately, due to an over saturation of the yachting industry, wait times for a customised yacht can be years. 3D Printing can help.

Manufacturers are often plagued by back ordered parts and shipping problems, but high end 3D Printers on site could alleviate much of the issue. Imagine, a customer places a customised order for a specific piece and within just a few hours, depending on the design, the 3D Printed piece forms into reality. Customers would be able to get exactly what they want without fail and not have to wait months or years to see it all come to fruition.

From Bow to Stern, 3D Printing can allow for complete customisation and a unique approach to overall yacht manufacturing.

Weight Reduction

When you see a boat on the water today, there is little thought of how it is actually floating, but the marine industry did not get where they are today by accident. Lots of thought and physics go into every boat design. The shape of the hull, the angle of the rise, and the overall weight of the vessel all play into the ability of a ship to float. On large and small boats alike, weight is a vital entity. Each piece onboard a vessel must be accounted for to maintain proper balance and account for weight restrictions. 3D Printing could drastically improve boat manufacturer’s abilities to provide more for their customers.

Materials used in 3D Printing are most commonly plastics. However, improvements in the structural integrity and extruding capabilities of these plastics add to their overall strength. Although manufacturing an entire vessel out of 3D Printed materials may be far in the future, certain components of a vessel could be easily 3D Printed to cut down on the weight of the vessel as a whole. This could potentially, prove highly profitable to manufacturers and save customers money in the long run as well.

A Completed 3D Printed Boat made by the University of Maine

3D Printing is no longer just a hobby or a way to create 3D Printed Models. It is impacting industries of all sorts with positive results. We are now only stepping into the marine industry and its potential for 3D Printing, so rest assured that in the coming years, we will see much more 3D Printed pieces making boats safer and more convenient for all.


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