Nature is full of beauty and much of the art, even in the industrial world, can be inspired from natural entities. 3D Printing has, traditionally, be a resource for artistic freedom, but more and more 3D Print artists are looking to nature for inspiration. The results are awe inspiring and many of these new 3D Printing inventions are highly beneficial to humanity and solve common problems. Read on to enjoy nature inspired 3D Printing creations from around the world.

Nature Inspired Shoes

Artists come in a range of different styles, mediums, and industries. Fashion is a 1.2 trillion-dollar industry and it is growing annually. Although much of the fashion world is focused on dressing the whole person, an emphasis on shoes will always tie an outfit together. 3D Printed shoes are making their way into the fashion world at an alarming rate. The reason for such growth is the fact that unique shoes can be 3D Printed without resorting to specific designer styles. It gives more freedom to the fashion artist designing the clothes.

Natural materials, such as leather, have been a staple within the shoe industry, but now designers are taking things to the ultimate level with 3D Printed shoes that are actually inspired by natural settings and not reliant on animals. Although there are more designs becoming available, shoes inspired by trees are making their way into the fashion industry and making waves with multiple design options.

Tree Inspired 3D Printed Shoes. The shoes are said to conform easier to the individual’s foot.


The name may sound odd, but the concept is actually all around us. Curves are found in nature through tree branches, wings on creatures, and even cave structures. The one thing these entities have in common is their high strength. A curved structure spreads out natural pressure from gravity more effectively than a boxy design. This notion has inspired beautiful structures throughout the world such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. Gyroids are similarly designed to better emphasize natural strength in a more intelligent design.

Gyroids are essentially infinitely connected structures that utilise curves for high strength structural integrity. Where this can be seen in buildings throughout the world, designers are turning to this design style for their 3D Printed models as well. By doing so, they are adding strength within the design rather than supporting structures with traditional methods. The results are proving to be important in manufacturing pieces that mimic art and nature without deteriorating their need for strength.

Gyroids can be difficult to explain, but as you can see here, the cellular structure maintains strength and has the potential to be utilised in many different manufacturing 3D Printed models.

Natural Look and Feel

One of the most interesting natural structures are trees. Trees develop their strength and integrity over time through their natural growth process. Each year of life adds a ring to the exterior of the tree making it wider and as a result, and taller as well. When wood is cut, it maintains its high strength structure through long strands of wood fibers. It is complex but is the reason wood is the number one building material for homes the world over. The same concept is now being utilised in 3D Printing with great success.

Most 3D Printing requires the use of a singular polymer material in a steady stream to produce a model. The resulting model is largely only as strong as the material used devoid of any true cellular structure. New 3D Printing materials extrude a multi-cellular structure to mimic natural materials. One of the more common materials now being mimicked is wood. As you can see in the pictures below, the 3D Printed image looks and breaks just the same as its biological counterpart adding to the strength and stability of using 3D Printed pieces in building materials for homes, decks, etc. The options are limitless with a structure just as strong as wood and the best part of this idea, is the materials used for 3D Printing in this manner are recyclable. It is a natural full circle of 3D Printing.

Complex 3D Printed Polymers for a natural look to 3D Printed objects.

Nature is always changing and adapting to new things and that is essentially how the 3D Printing industry has developed as well. As new ideas come to light, more options come available for 3D Printers and the artists that utilise them. Nature teaches us how to build. And when studied, can allow us to improve upon our manmade environment, if we allow it to. Take some time and examine your surroundings and allow nature to inspire you in your 3D Printing designs. The industry is changing, and who knows, you may be on the verge of the next big breakthrough to change the face of the industry. Let nature inspire you.

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