Low Cost 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Way We Make and See Our World

3D Printing has come a long way in recent years. Where the first objects to be printed in this manner were primarily plastic, the range of materials have expanded dramatically. Although many home based printers do still rely on plastics as their primary medium, Industrial 3D Printers have become far more sophisticated in their ability to produce beautiful models from all sorts of materials. This process has begun to impact the world in a very positive way and the lower costs surrounding the 3D Printing Industry is making waves the world over. We will look at some of the most common, and even some uncommon, materials and their implications on the world as we know it.


Titanium is a metal that is becoming much more popular in a range of different industries. It is far more durable than other metals and, although the cost of the metal is a bit higher than other materials, most companies are willing for fork over the extra funds to utilise its intense strength. 3D Printed Products made from titanium can be anything from jewellery to intricate pieces of a much larger structure. This metal not only holds its shape, but looks quite impressive in the finished piece. Industrial grade Metal 3D Printers can manipulate the strong metal, unlike current standard Desktop 3D Printers, and the titanium produces a remarkably smooth model with about 30 layers for every 1mm.

Gold and Silver

Titanium is not the only precious metal that an Industrial 3D Printer can handle. Jewellery is traditionally made from gold and silver. It can be hand fired or made by machine. More people are turning to 3D Printers for use with jewellery making. Traditional 3D Printers cannot stand up to the printing standards that the new technology has brought about. Some of the older pieces could be a little rigid in texture, but with the modern 3D Printers, the pieces that come out are completely smooth and maintain the exact look the customer wants. Printing with gold and silver can give you a specific edge within the jewellery design industry.


Dragon ring made from 3D printer. Acquired from On3DPrinting

Home Building

It can sound a bit strange to think that homes can be built from 3D Printing Technology, but prototypes have already been built. The technology behind the concept was designed, not around the ability to maximise the bottom line, but rather in humanitarian efforts. The difference in this technology and the standard building requirements is that the entire home can be built in a matter of about 20 hours. That means that with enough of these New 3D Printers available, an entire community can be rebuilt quickly after a natural disaster, instead of bringing in crews to build the homes back over a period of months or years. The implications of such technology will take time to fully understand, but the next time you purchase 3D Printed Products, you can look at them in a completely different light knowing that the same type of machine that you are using could one day be used to rehome homeless families.

Human Tissue

It is becoming an all too common thing to hear about someone in need of a replacement organ. When an organ fails, the patient must endure many different procedures until the donated organ becomes available. In the event that the organ cannot be found in time, the results can be fatal. No one should have to be subjected to a waiting list just to live, and with New 3D Printing technology, we can soon see an end to waiting lists. Doctors throughout the world are using Bio 3D Printers to print organs and other human tissue for use within the body. However, the materials for this form of printing must be safe for use, so certain materials are out of the question. The materials used are medical grade plastics & synthetics (that behave exactly like the human tissue) and cells. So the next time you hear of a heart transplant, you might ask yourself if it was a natural organ, or produced from a 3D Printer.


An ear designed and fabricated through 3D Printing process. Image obtained from 3DPrint.

3D Printing Vendors are becoming more common today as the technology moves into all areas of life. Industrial 3D Printers today are among the most profitable pieces of machinery for industries of all types. For an up and coming company to Buy 3D Printers today is an investment in tomorrow. The materials are expanding faster than we could have ever thought possible and the 3D Printing Industry is quickly gaining ground with all types industries throughout the world.

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