How 3D Printing Can Restore Broken or Lost Heirlooms

We all have things lying around our home that have sentimental value. These items can be passed down from one generation to another and can hold warm, happy memories. Unfortunately, we also live in an imperfect world and due to human error or just an accident, these heirlooms can be lost or broken. However heartbreaking this scenario can be, there is hope. 3D Printers have the ability to restore our broken, lost, and almost forgotten memories like never before. Here are a few ways 3D Printers can help get your memories and valuable heirlooms back.

Jewelry Repair

Antique jewelry is highly prized. Pieces are passed from one generation to the next with hopes that the piece will live on forever. Unfortunately, unless the piece is left under lock and key and never worn, it is unlikely to have a piece of heirloom jewelry last more than a few generations. Family members will want to wear it and every time the piece goes out into the public, it risks being broken, but hope is found in 3D Printing.

3D Printers can print with all types of metal filament, so it is easy to match a broken piece with the correct material for an original look. 3D Printers are also highly adapted to intricate designs and small pieces, so should the problem be a broken clasp or chain, it is easy to repair with the use of a metal 3D Printer.

3D Printing memories

3D Printed rings made from a plastic based material, to be cast, and are also able to be printed directly in precious metals.

What is Lost Can Be Found Again

Loosing an heirloom is even more devastating than witnessing it break. At least with a break, you can repair the piece or hold onto it for sentimental value, but when something is lost, it is seemingly gone for good. Thankfully, it does not have to be.

We all have those prized pictures of our ancestors wearing the heirloom that might have been lost to time. These are often the only way we can keep a memory of an object alive, but with the help of a quality designer and a 3D Printer, it is easy to replicate an heirloom and give new life to an old memory.

A Smarter Way to Keep Your Heirlooms Safe

Often, heirlooms are one of a kind pieces reserved for special times and special people to wear them. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of the family out of the equation. A lot of anger can be held by family members when certain heirlooms are passed to one person in the family. It can be heartbreaking to know that the piece will only ever be owned by one person, however, there is a solution to this all too common problem within families.

3D Printing can replicate heirlooms, so they no longer have to be one of a kind pieces. Where it is true that the original can only be passed to one family member, it is often much easier to handle if multiple pieces can be made for other members of the family, if only for sentimental purposes. Additionally, replicating your heirlooms allows the original to remain under lock and key with replicas able to be used by the rest of the family members.

3D Printing Products

3D Printed watch from composite materials. Possible option for lost or broken heirloom watches.

What Materials Can Be Used for Heirloom Restoration in 3D Printers?

3D Printers have become remarkably versatile in the past few years. Materials such as PLA plastics are still available for these impressive machines and can be an inexpensive option for those wanting a simple replica of their heirloom for display purposes. These materials come in a range of colors and can even be painted with metallic paint options to mimic metals.

If realism is what you seek with your heirloom reproduction or repair, metals such as gold, nickel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and titanium are available. These metals are not merely a look alike, but actual materials extruded from 3D Printers enabling you to have the exact replica of an heirloom down to the very last detail. Metals can be used for repairs, as well.

For items that are not comprised of precious metals, 3D Printers provide filament options for wood, carbon composites, carbon nanotubes, and nitinol. Virtually every type of heirloom has the potential to be replicated through 3D Printing.

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