3D Printing has become the ultimate way to take designs and bring them into reality. It allows for maximum creativity is adaptable into industries such as the medical field, automotive, space, and many other facets of life. For those that embrace the world of 3D Printing, they find an enjoyable activity with maximum benefits. However, like most aspects of industry today, software is a necessity. Here are the top 3D Printing software products to invest in if you are serious about producing high quality 3D Printed models.

Best Beginner Software

Everyone has to start somewhere in the 3D Printing industry and if you are just beginning in this exciting world, multi-function software is your friend. Among the top grade 3D Printer software programs for beginners is MatterControl 2.0. This program encompasses design, slicing, and printer control all in one convenient format. Best of all, the program is free. MatterControl 2.0 will enable you to learn about your 3D Printer in a controlled, structured environment all while enabling you to produce high quality 3D Printed Models. The software supports offline printing as well as via USB and can also utilise SD card print capabilities.

MatterControl 2.0 is a user friendly 3D Printing program ideal for beginner, but adaptable to high end users as well.

Intermediate Users

Everyone is not on the same wavelength when it comes to 3D Printing. Some have been in the industry for many years while others are just starting out. However, for the intermediate users, the right software is found in Simplified 3D. This 3D Printer software maintains a user friendly format for those that may still be learning programs, but its design features are a bit more complicated to help improve the overall quality of your 3D Printed models.

Simplified 3D is compatible with a wide range of 3D Printers and is actually regarded as the most compatible machine currently on the market. Not only is this software regularly used by intermediate and professional users alike, but has been instrumental in many 3D Printing school programs across the world. Its easy to use format enables high quality 3D Prints from design to final print all with integrated slicing as well. You simply cannot go wrong with Simplified 3D.

Simplified 3D is a paid for software, but when you are serious about producing beautiful 3D Printed models, a nominal fee is a small price to pay.

The Expert

Finally, we arrive at a 3D Printing software fit for 3D Printer royalty. SketchUp is highly regarded among the 3D Printing community for its adaptable features and highly professional output. Even though the software is used throughout the industry by professionals, it remains remarkably uncomplicated. In regard to price, SketchUp does offer a free 30 day trial which is great for someone looking to learn before purchasing the product. After that, it is a nominal annual fee for a full license of the product. The great thing about SketchUP is that the company offers various levels of programming, from a standard rate all the way up to a studio rate, so you can find the price that is right for your needs.

SketchUp is a program that can make simple 3D Printed models with ease with every aspect of the process in mind. It is also used by professionals as it adapts to environments, lighting, and a myriad of other adaptations for landscapes and larger projects. You simply cannot go wrong with an industry standard 3D Printing program like SketchUp.

Sketchup is an ideal 3D Printing software program for professionals but is adaptable for those just breaking into the business as well.

3D Printing has made an impact throughout the world and we have yet to even scratch the surface of what the future holds for the industry. The world is changing fast and having an adaptable 3D Printing program at your disposal is essential for your success in 3D Printing. Whether you are starting out and looking for a free program, or prefer something more suited for a professional, these three programs will certainly get you started on your road to successful 3D Printing.

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