Pure Customisation at its Finest

Imagine a world where anything you dream up can be created. Where there are no limits on making your dreams come true. Although we have yet crack the code of time travel or successfully build a flying car for the masses, 3D Printing does open up the world of possibilities and bespoke design like no other form of technology available. Bespoke 3D Printing is the wave of the future and here are just a few ways it is making the world a better place to be.

Helping the Disabled

Disabilities come in a number of different forms. Some people can be born without a limb or lose an arm or leg during the course of their lives. There are others that have full appendages, yet have difficulty managing seemingly simple, everyday tasks. Medical science has made great strides in assisting these disabled people in having a remarkably normal life. Limbs can now be produced that are far more advanced than ever before and a huge part of the thanks can go to 3D Printing.

However, drawbacks to certain medical devices can be evident. For instance, a child that loses their arm may not want to show up to school with a 3D Printed arm that looks like a piece of machinery. New technologies in the 3D Printing industry are allowing for more of a bespoke experience. Arms and legs can be made with a synthetic skin to mimic the look of real human skin giving the user more of a normal life. This is essential for all individuals but is making an impact on pediatrics the most as kids can sometimes be cruel to what is different.

Realistic 3D Printed Hand

Complete Customisation

We live in a world where things are simply mass produced. However, most of us would like to live in a world where everything was able to be customised to our exact desires. 3D Printing opens that world up for a range of different industries. Vehicles can be customised with specific details and even have the potential to be fitted directly to the person. This would be a welcomed gift to anyone with a disability that restricts their ability to drive themselves. Imagine a car manufacturer taking measurements and fitting a vehicle to the person rather than simply sending everything down the assembly line for production.

3D Printing makes this idea a complete possibility as it is far less expensive than traditional manufacturing. 3D Printing may be less expensive as it requires very little equipment. Instead of paying someone for many hours of labor on a project, plus the cost of materials, the manufacturer merely has to implement the design into the program and allow the 3D Printer to take over. With the use of 3D Printers manufacturers of practically anything in the world could have the ability to offer completely customised products to the exact specifications of the customer without the additional expense. Best of all, 3D Printers are capable of utilising multiple materials making them far more versatile than general manufacturing equipment. One machine, endless possibilities.

3D Printer hard at work

Dreaming Big with 3D Printing

3D Printers have revolutionised the way we see the world. No longer are we strictly confined to what is available, but what we can make from our own minds. Another unique quality of 3D Printing is that it is for everyone. Few industries provide something that can be used by both novices as well as experts, but 3D Printing can. From desktop 3D Printers to high end commercial 3D Printers the possibilities are endless. Imagination is allowed to run wild with 3D Printing as you are only limited by your own dreams.

Virtually all industries throughout the world can benefit from the use of 3D Printers. These devices can make unique clothing, customised game pieces, 3D art, or your new invention you have been thinking about, but have yet to move on. Basically, 3D Printing is an endless world of opportunity no matter what industry you are in. 3D Printers have already been instrumental in the medical field, in space, and even in building homes here on earth. There is no limit to what you can do with your very own 3D Printer, why not open the realm of possibilities and produce your dream invention or just something to make an activity easier on a member of your family. Your ideas are important and 3D Printing can help you share them with the world.

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