Getting Back to School Soon?

The 3D Printed Supplies to Make the School Year Better
Whether you are a teacher or a student, the time is quickly approaching where you will once again walk the halls of your school. School supplies are on sale right now, but in the interest of standing out, more students and teachers are turning to 3D Printed school supplies. If you have ever wanted to get out of the normal realm of average school supplies and embrace the possibilities of truly original options, here are just a few ideas for 3D Printed school supplies to make your school year better.
Pencil Extender
This tool may not be of use at the very start of the school year as all pencils are perfectly long and sharp for all your needs, but soon, those tips will dull and pencils get smaller and smaller. A 3D Printed pencil extended is the ideal solution. When your pencil gets down to a small nub, most people throw it away, but there remains a lot of lead left in the pencil. Inserting the small pencil into a 3D Printed pencil extender will make your pencils last much longer without the need to meticulously do your assignments with the use of a small nub.

3D Printed Pencil Extender to Get More From Your Everyday Tools

Solo Finger Pen
Pens are a true necessity whether you are grading papers or writing them. Traditional pens, however, can leave calluses on fingers and lead to fatigue. There is a somewhat odd solution for this problem that might work for those requiring a change for how they write. As more people turn to texting, they are used to using their fingers for typing and find it easier to use pens in that way, but pens do not work like that, until now.
The Solo Finger Pen is a strange, almost alien device that alleviates the strain caused by traditional strait pens. The device is placed on your finger of choice with a pen sticking out of the bottom. You simply write as you would without straining your fingers. It might work well for some but will likely take some getting used to. The best thing about this 3D Printed marvel is that it can be reloaded with a standard pen by removing the ink well from the pen. The flexible tubing allows the pen to simply be inserted and used as is, no matter the color or style of pen it is harvested from.

3D Printed Solo Finger Pen. For a new generation of school kids and teachers.

Earbud Holders
Years ago a student would have been sent home for bringing earphones and tech devices to school, but today’s school experience is vastly different. Schools regularly send home supply lists that include ear buds for use on the school’s computers and learning apps for students. Storing these earbuds safely, however, can present a challenge. Cords break and earbud comfort tips can be lost from improper storage, but standard storage devices can be bulky and ugly.
3D Printing has opened up a new world of opportunities for all types of school supplies, including earbud holders. Options range from unique, to cute, to just bizarre, but no matter your style, you can easily find what you need in the 3D Printing world. Show off your unique style this school season with your very own 3D Printed earbud holder.

Cat 3D Printed Earbud Holders.

Let Them Make Their Own
Instead of merely buying the items above and all your 3D Printed school supplies, why not allow the kids to make their own. 3D Printer are becoming more affordable than ever before and if your school child is itching to stand out this year from all the rest, a Desktop 3D Printer is the way to go. Desktop 3D Printers today are far more sophisticated than ever before and materials range from plastic to metal and everything between. A desktop 3D Printer opens options for your child, but if you have yet to embrace the beauty of this technology, try a 3D Printing Pen.
You are going to be buying pens for school supplies anyway, so why not give your child the gift of creation in the palm of their hand. 3D Printing pens are affordable, portable, and allow your child to express themselves by making their own school supplies and other models with ease. Creativity abounds when you embrace the possibilities and have your own 3D Printer right in your home.

3D Printing Pen. Perfect for small hands and small projects.

With school beginning in just a matter of weeks, now is the time to start thinking about necessary school supplies to make your child’s school experience the best it can be. Let 3D Printed school supplies help your child stand out in the best way!

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