Ideas for What to Get A Creative Minded 3D Printing Artist

It is that time of year where we all must reflect on the year that has past and what we have accomplished. But in addition to self-reflection, we have gifts to buy and if you have a 3D Printing enthusiast in your life, that is a large decision. What do you get someone that can simply come up with a concept and utilise their 3D Printer to make their vision a reality? Here are some suggestions.

For the Beginner

Just because someone is beginning their journey into the 3D Printer world does not mean they are any less enthusiastic. Start out small with 3D Printers, especially for those who are new to the industry. There are many new 3D Printers on the market today that are simple to operate and will not break the bank. An example of the ideal starter 3D Printer is the Monoprice Select Mini. The machine remains remarkably simple but does feature the ability to utilise multiple filament options. It is the ideal machine for younger 3D Printing enthusiasts or those that may be just curious about the 3D Printing world in general.


The Monoprice 3D Printer is available from Amazon along with many other beginner friendly models to choose from.

Digital Calipers

Certain 3D Printing artists are not merely looking to have a hobby, but actually make money from their printing. That often means printing prototypes for clients and it can also mean strict deadlines and measurements. There is nothing better than digital calipers for the task. A set of digital calipers not only allow the artist to inspect measurements once the piece is printed but can be used to measure filament as it is fed into the machine for accuracy.


Louisware Digital Calipers from Amazon are among the more budget friendly varieties, but there are many others to choose from depending on how specific measurements are required to be.

3D Printed Phone Cases

For those that already have the tools necessary to print what they want, it may be a good idea to show them you are interested in what they do. There are many different items to choose from, including 3D Printed models and even some toys, but why not choose something that they will use every day. 3D Printed phone cases are a great option. Be sure to know which phone the recipient has, so you will order the right one, or if you, yourself, are a 3D Printing enthusiasts, simply print one out yourself. The advantage to these cases is that they can be far more customised than mass produced varieties and even have the option of printing in the person’s name as well.


Featured here is a 3D Printed phone case designed from Sculpteo. This company maintains up to 15 different phone varieties to choose from to get the right fit and with an endless stream of design options.

Finishing Kits

When working with 3D Printed materials, excess filament can be a problem. Reducing the amount of filament left over post processing is a challenge and most printers turn to simply cutting away the excess and filing away the edges. But that still leaves a rough texture to the final products. Kitchen acetone baths post production can help too, but if you want a truly professional finish every time, turn to Finishing Kits. These kits bring out the sparkle and shine while getting rid of rough edges post production and are available in many varieties to choose from depending on the individual 3D Printer’s needs.

It should be noted that finishing kits do carry a specific safety warning. They are harmful if any material is swallowed and have the possibility of causing respiratory irritation as well as burns or eye damage if handled improperly. Always wear safety glasses and cover skin when using finishing kits. These kits have also been suspected in damaging fertility or unborn children, so never use them if you are expecting. Always read and adhere to the products warning label.


Amazon offers an array of finishing kit options to choose from including XTC-3D featured here.

Something for the Kids

It is never early to begin building the next generation of 3D Printing enthusiasts and Leo the Maker Prince is just the book to get it done. It follows a Carla and a 3D Printed friend of hers as they take an illustrated journey into the world of 3D Printing. The best thing about the book is that all images featured are downloadable for printing. If you have a little tyke you believe could be the next big 3D Printing artists, purchase this book for them and see where their imagination will take them. Then print out the characters so the story can continue.


Bring Leo the Maker Prince home to your little ones and get them excited about the possibilities in the 3D Printing world.

The world of 3D Printing is always expanding and if you have a 3D Printer enthusiast on your gift list today, you can ensure they get what they really want with these presents. 3D Printing is a beautiful hobby, but also an excellent career choice for those who want to expand their 3D Printing knowledge and have access to printing their dreams rather than simply drawing them out. Happy 3D Printing and Happy Holidays!

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