Which Companies are Making an Impact on Our World and What Can We Expect in the Future of 3D Printing?

As the current client shows us, world is changing every day. 3D Printers have proven to be among the most adaptable form of manufacturing the world has ever known. These days, we have seen how 3D Printing has positively impact the world around us and in 2020, we are furthering that reach with some impressive companies that are making their mark on their individualised industries. Here is how mass production companies are making 3D Printing work for them in 2020.

Telic Footwear

New shoes are a joy to get. The average person purchases a few pairs of new shoes each year, but the process of buying shoes is all the same. You go to your favorite shoe store and pick out shoes in your size. However, buying shoes in this manner is remarkably limiting. Just as no two fingerprints are exactly alike, no two sets of feet are exactly the same, so when you purchase shoes based on your proposed size, you are not getting an exact fit.

Telic Footwear is a company derived from the mindset of an Italian shoemaker. Italian handmade shoes are among the best in the world for bringing the right fit, to the correct individual every time. Telic Footwear is using this concept coupled with 3D Printing. Today, Telic Footwear is able to measure a customer’s foot with the use of their smartphone.

Customers take pictures of their feet and send those images to Telic for evaluation. Telic is then able to customise a comfortable shoe for that customer to their exact specifications. The resulting shoe is perfect for that individual. Additionally, Telic Footwear maintains a virtual library of each customer’s specifications, so at any time, the customer can order more shoes. 3D Printing makes mass production of custom shoes possible with Telic Footwear.

3D Printing Industry

Telic Footwear mass produced, custom 3D Printed shoes for every foot.


Often, the need for mass production is not necessarily started as a means to help out the customer of a company, but the company itself. Such is the case with Spanlite. Spanlite is a British based company that provides LED solutions to customers. With LED production, there is a need for a variety of different attributes. Spanlite had an initial need for tubing for their LED lights. The company began producing cables and cable clamps with the use of 3D Printing. This opened the door for far more expansion than they would have thought possible.

The initial need of cables, sparked Spanlite to expand operations as they could now produce their own individual parts for their products. Today, Spanlite is using 3D Printers in multiple facets throughout their operations for automation and mass production on a larger scale. Even though Spanlite is not the largest company on the planet, their inclusion of 3D Printing into their operations has positively impacted their overall reach to their clientele.

3D Printed Cables

3D Printed cables used by Spanlite for their everyday LED operations.

Custom Ear Buds Mass Produced

We all have them in our home. Ear buds can be purchased in practically every store, in every city, throughout the world, but they have one fatal flaw. Like feet, the human ear is not exactly the same size across the spans of the human race. Therefore, the ear buds you purchase in everyday stores, likely do not fit your ears as they could.

Formlabs, in partnership with 3Shape is looking to change this glaringly negative aspect of the ear bud industry through 3D Printing. You may be thinking that custom fit ear buds are a dream, but not actually a reality. However, 3Shape has produced a unique tool to make it all possible. The 3Shape Pheonix ear scanner enables the company to scan a customer’s ear and custom make them an ear bud specifically for their ear with flexible, 3D Printed materials that provide supreme comfort. You may be able to purchase ear buds at any store, but you can only get custom mass-produced ear buds from Formlabs and 3Shape.

3D Printed ear bud molds

Every ear is unique and these custom 3D Printed ear bud molds for ear buds from Formlabs and 3Shape will ensure that your pair is comfortable and works perfectly for your individual ear shape.

Revolutionary 3D Printed products are becoming more popular for 2020 on the grand scale of mass production. We have seen how companies are adapting to the individualised needs of their clients while maintaining mass production processes through the help of 3D Printers. Although many aspects of 2020 have been a little hard to handle, 3D Printing is thriving and offering unique, mass produced products for the masses.

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