Music is very unique in the world we live in. It can be soft and soothing or loud and hard. People tend to gravitate toward music that depicts their own attributes and even those that strictly enjoy one type of music will have various genres they listen to base on their mood. Music is a beautiful and it is human nature to enjoy music in some form. Today, we have an endless variety of ways to make and listen to music, but now 3D Printing is becoming a part of the industry as well. Here are just a few reasons why 3D Printers are so adaptive to our musical world.

3D Printed Instruments

As humans, our voices can make masterful music, but for the most part, singing is accompanied by an instrument of some sort. Stringed instruments, reed based instruments, and instruments that provide sound through vibrations made by the lips such as trumpets are prevalent in virtually all cultures. These instruments can be made of brass, copper, wood, and various other natural and synthetic materials. That makes them the perfect avenue for 3D Printers.

3D Printers have been adapted to using various metals and even wood to produce some of the most striking 3D Printed instruments the world has ever known. What is unique about the use of 3D Printers for making instruments is their ability to be customised to fit the exact specifications and design desires of the individual player. Although customised instruments are not something new, they tend to be highly expensive and reserved only for the wealthiest of individuals. 3D Printing opens up a world of customisation opportunities for the masses as the process can be streamlined rather than sent out to specialty designers.

3D Printed Violin. This is a more drastic design but proves that pure customisation is an option for both design reasons as well as physical needs. People with various physical needs would see a vast improvement in their ability to play with the use of 3D Printed instruments.

A New Sound

Traditionally designed instruments are made in various shapes to capture sound waves and send them out with the appropriate sound. Upon examining an acoustic guitar we can see that it is not just the strings being strummed and the appropriate cords being pressed that make the sound. A guitar is actually a complex piece of musical genius that relies on sound projection. The shell of the instrument is hollow with an opening at the middle of the box. This location allows for the strumming to be amplified and thus, sent out to those listening. Without this hole and hollow nature, the guitar would sound flat, quieter, and largely unappealing.

What 3D Printing can do for the musician is allow them to have an avenue to experiment with the traditional guitar design to see what other sounds can be made. This is not strictly about guitars as 3D Printing can account for most other instruments as well. A brass horn, for instance, projects sound from the mouth piece, through the twists and turns, and finally out the bell. With 3D Printing traditional horns can be easily manipulated and tested to bring even more opportunities for specific sound requirements.

This is a beautiful example of a 3D Printed guitar. While the basic shape and design remain traditional, it is the intricately 3D Printed hole covering that bring about the sound. I would imagine the sound from this design would be rather soft and soothing.

3D Printed Speakers

There are people in the world that can play an instrument as easily as breathing and there are those of us who have very little playing ability but appreciate the comfort and serenity of listening to music via our speakers. Speakers are an area in which 3D Printing is ideal. Speakers are made to project sound and if you examine a speaker, you will notice there are distinct need for a quality made device. Vibrations made by the music and even the materials the speaker is made from project the quality of sound heard.

3D Printing allows speaker makers to play around with the sound projected from the device. It also gives inventors the opportunity to introduce various materials into the speaker industry to provide a more crisp, clear sound desired by their clientele.

These Shell Style 3D Printed Speakers provide an interesting design as well as clear, beautiful sound quality.

Music has a unique way of soothing out very soul. Since the first human likely banged two stones together to make a sound, music has captivated our hearts. 3D Printing in music is offering us a unique view of how we hear sound and how we project sound waves. Currently, we are seeing an influx of 3D Printed musical opportunities the world over, so there is no telling where the future will take us. All I can say is that it will sound amazing!

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