Sculpture artists are increasingly rare. We see famous sculptures such as David that are world renowned and wonder at the level of intense focus and determination that went into every nook and, yes, cranny. It is an amazing feet to produce a sculpture with traditional tools. Modern tools are available for sculpting, but some claim the finished product does not maintain the same level of detail that a traditional sculptor can bring. Thankfully, there is no longer a need to use simply traditional tools or even bust out with power tools to complete a beautifully intricate sculpture. Today’s sculpture artists can use 3D Printing pens to help realise their artistic vision.

How is a 3D Printing Pen Useful?

What is unique about a 3D Printing pen is that it allows the artist to control the feed of the material and the flow of it coming out of the device. This act alone allows the pen to be far superior to other methods of sculpting. Control is something that the traditional sculptor had to take very seriously as one wrong move and the entire piece of marble or limestone they may have been working on would be completely ruined. As the material is fed through the 3D Printing pen, the user can cover any mistakes by adding more material or just cutting away any mistakes made during the process.

3D Printing pen sculpted scull.

The Use of Colors

Sculpting in the traditional sense can limit your ability to add color to a piece. Apart from painting before firing soft materials or painting after sculpting from hard materials, there is little room for more than simply naturally available color combinations. It is still very possible to make a beautifully colorful sculpture, but for a bit wilder color combinations with a deep saturation of color, 3D Printing pens seem to be the better option.

With a 3D Printing pen, colors can be anything you want them to be. Bold colors, natural colors, even pastel colored materials are available for use. Should you not be able to find the exact color combinations within your ABS or PLA materials, you can always paint the final product with a variety of plastic friendly paint options.

A 3D Printing pen sculpture saturated with vivid color.

Is There a Process to Sculpting with a 3D Printing Pen?

Just like with traditional sculpting, there is a process to producing a quality 3D Printed sculpture with the use of a 3D Printing pen. The first thing you will want to do is create an interior structure in which to develop your sculpture from. Make an outline of what you intend on sculpting. This gives you clear perspective and an easy place to build out your design. Simply place the 3D Printing pen on your self-adhesive pad and draw just as you would on paper. Then gently remove your outline from the pad.

Next you will begin to build upon your outline. This is where you attach individual pieces if you are sculpting something with a complicated design. Include additional support pieces throughout the piece to enhance its strength and durability. Your first outline and support pieces will have many holes, but as you move along adding detail and additional supports, your 3D Printed sculpture will begin to take shape. Remember, you can use additional materials to attach extra pieces to the structure.

3D Printed Fish Sculpture created entirely with a 3D Printing Pen. Notice the interior support system cleverly hidden as the bone structure of the fish.

What About Molding After Sculpting?

This is where 3D Printing pens become far superior to other forms of sculpting. When you use traditional materials and methods to produce a sculpture, it is impossible to alter the state of the sculpture after final glazes have been added without the risk of destroying the piece. However, 3D Printing is adaptable even after everything is completed. If you find that your piece is not in the exact position you desire, you can gently heat the plastic and slowly remold it to the desired position. This is a process that should be done carefully, but it is very possible to move your positioning of your sculpture after it is complete.

The Sculpture Can Become Much More

For the vast majority of 3D Printed pen sculptures, the final product is beautiful, but not always useful for more than just a visual, but the video below shows how a 3D Printing pen artist can take their sculpture and turn it into a useful household tool. For those that are imaginative, there is truly no limit to what can be accomplished through the use of a 3D Printing pen.

3D Printing has come such a long way in the past 30 years. We use it in our everyday lives for both artistic and practical needs. The 3D Printing pen is just another tool the artist can use for a more portable version of the larger 3D Printer machine. If you have yet to discover the fun of using a 3D Printing pen, you are encouraged to try it out. 3D Printing pens are an inexpensive and fun way to get introduced to 3D Printing, but also a way to enhance your skills as an experienced 3D Print enthusiast.

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