Uses, Benefits, and Everything You Need to Know About This Remarkable Machine

3D Printers have continually evolved since their inception in the late 1980s. We have learned a lot in the past 30 plus years of 3D Printing and the industry is stronger than ever before. Among the newest members of the 3D Printing game is the Markforged Mark Two Onyx. This machine has been manufactured to bring a range of benefits to the user and if you have yet to discover this remarkable 3D Printing marvel, here is a little more about the device.

Dual Extruders

Most 3D Printers utilise a singular extruder normally comprised of brass to contend with the high heat produced by the machine. The Markforged Mark Two Onyx is designed a little different. Instead of just one extruder, the design allows for 2. Two extruders allow for maximum versatility. One is designed for Onyx nylon extrusion while the other is designed for fiber filament. Additionally, both extruders are not brass comprised, but made of stainless steel. This feature holds up better than your average 3D Printer nozzle and can stand up to the rigors of excess 3D Printing without wearing down prematurely.

3D printing

Markforge Mark Two Onyx 3D Printer featuring dual stainless steel extruders.

Larger Build Area

As you can see in the above image, the Markforged Mark Two Onyx features an exceptionally large build area. In certain machines, build areas remain small leading to the artist having to print their prototype in multiple pieces and assemble them post print. With the Markforged Mark Two Onyx 3D Printer there is little need to do any post production assembly as the build plate remains large enough for most bigger prototypes. Additionally, the build plate and multi-extruder capabilities allow you to manufacture multiple pieces at the same time without the use of an additional 3D Printer saving you a considerable amount of time in production.

Pelican Case

Filaments are prone to cracking and breaking down over time. Proper storage of your filament is essential to maintain flexibility and maximum usability within the machine. There are a number of available options for filament storage. However, when you order the Markforged Mark Two Onyx 3D Printer, it comes complete with a pelican case. The pelican case is designed to keep moisture from impacting the filament, so it remains pliable and usable even if it is stored for a long period of time.

3D Printed Products

Pelican Case for Markforged Mark Two Onyx 3D Printer

Ideal for the Professional

Possibly one of the most unique attributes of 3D Printing is that machines are adapted to fit various professional levels. From the beginner to the hobbiest to the professional 3D Printer user, everyone can find their ideal fit. The initial price tag of the Markforged Mark Two Onyx can give some 3D Print enthusiasts a bit of a sticker shock, but it is important to remember that this particular machine is not designed for the everyday, average user. The Markforged Mark Two Onyx is easy enough to operate if you are just starting out in the industry, but it is designed primarily for the professional 3D Printer for use with prototyping and other professional needs. It is ideal for the professional and well worth the initial investment.

Speed is On Your Side

This Continuous Fiber Reinforcement 3D Printer is ideal for anyone wanting to produce 3D Printed Model or Prototype quickly. Speeds vary depending on the size and overall scope of what is being 3D Printed, but the Markforged Mark Two Onyx is designed to be among the fastest CFR 3D Printers on the market today. You can say goodbye to waiting days or even weeks for a high quality 3D Printed Prototype to be produced.

The Markforged Mark Two Onyx 3D Printer is one of the most advanced prototyping machines available today. Remember when ordering your Markforged Mark Two Onyx, it is a closed source 3D Printer, so be sure you can work with those parameters in mind. Precision, print speed, build area, and overall value are among the top attributes of this remarkable 3D Printer. Take your 3D Prints to the top with CFR 3D Printing in the Markforged Mark Two Onyx.


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