This year has been a wild ride for many of us, but thankfully, the 3D Printing industry continues to dominate the personal and professional market. Among the top 3D Printer manufacturers remains Pursa. Prusa has been a fixture in the 3D Printing industry since 2009 and during that span of time, we have enjoyed seeing the many innovations within the industry. This year, we have been pleasantly surprised by the ingenuity and ongoing spirit of Joseph Prusa and his thriving 3D Printing empire. Here are just some of what is new with Prusa for 2020.

Prusa Slicer

Slic3r Prusa Edition was the former name of the Prusa Slicer. The name has been made to be uncomplicated and thankfully, the intuitive nature of the new Prusa Slicer has followed suit. Prusa intricately listened to comments about their powerful slicer and made adjustments to the program for the benefit of all. The Prusa Slicer is now easier to use with easier to follow tools and menus. The Prusa Slicer has also made itself available to beginners through a function known as Simple Mode. These days every level of 3D Print enthusiast or professional can use the Prusa Slicer with ease.

3D Printing

Prusa Slicer now more intuitive than the original

Multi Material Upgrade

Today, 3D Printing has drastically evolved. No longer are 3D Print enthusiasts and professionals singularly focused on producing models with just one material. Evolution of the 3D Printer has thankfully included multi-material options and Prusa is following suit. Their Multi-Material Upgrade, also known as the 2S version, gives your Prusa i3 MK3S 3D Printer into a multi-material marvel capable of utilising 5 different filament options. Additionally, the upgrade kit provides increased reliability. A new filament sensor offers easy reloading and tangle free atmosphere. To add to the S2 upgrade, Prusa has included substantial improvements to their firmware to ensure that the user maintains a more reliable and versatile experience all around.

3D Print Material

S2 Multi-Material 3D Printer upgrade from Prusa

Wireless Connectivity Through Raspberry Pi

Today’s world runs off of Wi-Fi and we expect our devices to be compatible with a wireless connection. Prusa is no longer behind the times with this aspect of 3D Printing. Wireless 3D Printing is essential in our mobile society and Prusa has responded to this aspect of the industry with the availability to plug in a Raspberry Pi into the Prusa MK3S. Instructions for integrating wireless technology into your existing Prusa MK3S is available on their official guide page.

3D Printing Material

The Prusa MK3S, capable of Wi-Fi connectivity for 3D Printing

Prusa Filament Boxes

Storage is always of concern with 3D Printing filaments. Harder filaments such as metals can be easier to store, but plastic based filaments such as PLA can deteriorate and warp due to improper storage. Extreme temperatures can crack the materials and excess moisture can cause the filament to stick making it impossible to extrude through a 3D Printer.

Storage solutions are available for filament, but it is rare to find dedicated storage options for individual filament rolls. Prusa has provided its users with the ideal solution in Prusa Filament Boxes. These specialised storage devices maintain temperature and ward off humidity through specialised humidity sensors. These are idea for 3D Printers that are utilised in extremely humid climates. The boxes help you keep a keen eye on your filament saving you valuable time and money with each 3D Print.

3D Prited Products

Ingenious filament dry boxes by Prusa equipped with humidity monitoring.

E 3D Nozzles

Like a photographer uses a lens to capture the perfect shot, a 3D Printer relies on their nozzle to extrude and produce the 3D Printed Model. A one size fits all mentality when it comes to 3D Printers and their nozzles is not ideal. Larger nozzles work best for fast 3D Prints while smaller nozzles produce more intricate 3D Printed Models. Both are essential for top quality 3D Printing and with Prusa, changing out nozzles is easier than ever before. A selection of E 3D Nozzles allow the 3D Printer to provide ultimate versatility to the machine. If you are serious about producing intricate and impressive 3D Printed Models the diameter of the nozzle will make a significant difference.

3D Printers

E 3D Nozzles for use with Prusa 3D Printers

Prusa has been at the forefront of the 3D Printing industry for many years and the ultimate versatility of their 3D Printers has drastically impacted their ability to reach 3D Printing artists from all over the world. As the industry continues to grow and more people embrace the amazing world of 3D Printing we can expect to see much more from Prusa in the coming years.

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