Dubai sets the stage to be a leader in 3D Printing

It is not a secret that 3D printing has seen tremendous leaps and bounds in recent years. From 3D prints of automotive parts, to the first completely 3D Printed constructed office building, the industry is booming with innovate solutions. Leading in Industrial 3D Printing is Dubai. Recently, GE Additive and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to focus on accelerating the United Arab Emirates to be a leader in 3D Printing by 2030. GE also plans to focus on establishing factories in Dubai which will increase both Commercial and Industrial 3D Printing.

The International Centre for 3D Printing at Dubai Industrial City

Dubai is implementing a program which will make it a leader in the 3D Printing Industry by 2030. One step in the process is the opening of the International Centre for 3D Printing and Dubai Industrial City. The centre will focus on developments in medicine, construction, and consumer products. It has been shown that Dubai is already capable of creating a fully printed office building. Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, said “The establishment of the International Center for 3D Printing by Dubai Holding will enable us to take the first steps towards achieving the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make Dubai a global center of 3D printing technology.”


Pictured above Saif Al Aleeli and Hyperloop One discuss future transport with Dubai. Image acquired from

The phase of the Industrial City is to meet technology solutions with using Industrial 3D Printers. The first phase focuses on developing infrastructure. Additionally, Dubai will be building offices, warehouses, as well as educating professionals in the industry to utilise 3D Printing solutions to create cheaper and more effective means of fabrication. Keep in mind, the first focus is to be on the development of Dubai with an overall goal of branching out into the global community and becoming a hub for 3D Printing for both commercial and industrial purposes. Dubai has already begun this process by successfully printing the first fully 3D Printed component/material office building (see part one).

Consumer 3D Products


A simple phone model could be customized to various colors, button configurations, and features for the customer using a union between CAD Design and 3D Printers. Image provided by Siclari Studio of Art and Design.

Typically, when we think of consumer products, we limit ourselves to thinking of home décor as well as beauty products. Yet, the industry is vastly larger than just those two segments. Consumer products also include electronics, jewelry, mugs, vases, art, toys, glasses, remotes for televisions, etc. With a dedicated drive to be a leader in Commercial 3D Printing, one is apt to see new designs and capabilities of consumer products. For example. If you were to take an iPhone case and model it in a 3D program, essentially, you could modify the case to have personal touches and features which are not available on the standard casing. Additionally, if you have a product which requires precision measurements and placement of the parts therein (such as Jewelry casings) the 3D Printer could do this time and time again.

What could this mean for the world?

By lowering the cost of Industrial 3D Printers, Dubai will set itself up to be in demand globally. Outsourcing of manufacturing is primarily given, at this time, to China and Mexico from the United states and to Eastern Europe and Turkey from the United Kingdom. This is one reason why legislation has been suggested, in America, to tax overseas manufacturing. Even if such legislation is put into place, businesses may weigh the cost of production against the suggested taxes and still find it more fiscally beneficial to use Dubai as the manufacturer rather than inland sources. Even if business opt to keep their manufacturing inland, there is a high probability that Dubai will be sought for their expertise in the area of 3D Printing business and development. And since Dubai has continuously shown itself to be a leader in 3D Printing, and as no other countries have stood apart as being a leader, it is quite possible to conclude that the industrial innovators of Dubai will become the advisors to 3D Printing development and innovation globally.


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