Please stay safe when making 3D Printed Models as certain materials may become quite sharp. Wear the proper safety equipment and all models are produced at your own risk.

Fall seems to be the time of year when people get a little creative. Images of crafty items dance in our heads enticing us to decorate the home and every aspect of our lives with beautiful autumn colors. Where glue and paper can take you far in your fall decorating idea, 3D Printing can take you much further. Try these amazing Autumn 3D Printing ideas to get ahead of the decorating game.

Beautiful and Unique Vases

Finding that perfect shade of autumn hue can be a bit of a challenge. Shades of brown, tan, orange, red and all fall related colors vary drastically, but with 3D Printing, color control is in your hands. All you need to do is to find that ideal shade among the endless variety available filaments. You can make many different things to accentuate your fall décor in the perfect hue and 3D Printed vases make an excellent addition to any home.

Below is just one example of types of vases, but with 3D Printing, you can not only change up the color of your vase, but the shape as well. Provided you have the right type of 3D Printing software available, you can design a truly unique 3D Printed vase for your home or choose to sell these beauties at one of the many crafts fairs that happen throughout the autumn season.

3D Printed Vases in Fall Colors

 Costume Accessories

Store bought costumes are the way most people dress for Halloween, but these simplistic options do not always have the best accessories. Accentuate your costume this year with 3D Printed accessories. It is time we take costume design into our own hands this Halloween season with custom features added to store bought or homemade costumes. Among the most popular costumes this year will undoubtably be super heroes and what better way to get that candy than with a custom made chest plate for Batman or even realistic looking claws for Wolverine. The possibilities are endless when it comes to costume design and accessories with the help of your 3D Printer.

3D Printed Wolverine claws can be custom made in your 3D Printer to fit both small and large hands. Safety note, when producing something this pointy, please use flexible plastic materials for the safety of everyone. Metal may look cooler, but remember, 3D Printed Models can be painted to mimic real metal while using plastic filament. Stay safe and proceed with caution. All Models are produced at your own risk.

Candy Buckets

All the trick or treating in the world is useless if your little tike does not have something to hold their loot. Candy buckets come in many shapes and sizes for Halloween, but why not make your own. Instead of simply buying a bucket that may or may not go with your costume theme, customise your bucket to fit the occasion. 3D Printing opens up an endless world of opportunities for candy containers. Whether you want something a little quirky or a bucket depicting traditional Halloween themes as seen below, your 3D Printer can do it all.

Ensure that when you utilise your 3D Printer for bucket manufacture that you use fresh and sturdy filament. However, the filament must also be a bit flexible so as not to crack under pressure. Among the best filament types for manufacturing candy buckets or any other container where flexibility is an issue is FlexSolid, PolyFlex, and SemiFlex. These will give you the rigidity and strength required with the flexibility perfect for a child’s treat bucket.

3D Printed candy buckets for your Halloween trick or treater.

Fall is a beautiful time of year where the weather cools off and people get outside to enjoy the fresh air. It is also a time of year that decorating and fall fun takes over. Make this autumn the best season for you and your family with these 3D Printing ideas. 3D Printers are amazing machines and owning one of your own opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you want to make simple decorations for any holiday or manufacture your own inventions, 3D Printers can do it all in a wide range of materials. It’s never too late to start learning something new, so get your new 3D Printer today and see what you can come up with.



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