3D Printing Acquisitions

Who Owns Who in the Industry and How Changes Have Been Made to Make 3D Printing and 3D Printers Better?

Every industry has key players that make it what it is and are in it for the long haul to make their profession the best it can be. 3D Printing is no exception. There are those that were there from the beginning, such as Charles Hull in 1986, the creator of the first 3D Printer and there are others who come along after the fact to ensure the technology grows in the best manner. All are important, but today we are going to highlight the companies that have taken 3D Printing to new heights with innovations and changes that impact how we see the world in 3D.

Medical Implications

With something as revolutionary as 3D Printing, it was bound to impact multiple areas and industries with great success. 3D Printers are found in a variety of areas of expertise, including the medical field. Hospitals today are utilising 3D Printers for accurate printing of vital body parts. Organovo is a company that is at the top of the 3D Printed organ world.

They have revolutionised the industry by actually utilising living cells as material for 3D Printers. This has enabled certain organs such as bladders to be manufactured with great success. Although human trials have yet to be used, Organovo is showing vast improvement in their ability to make functional organs for use in the future. As soon as clinical trials and FDA approval happen, we can expect to see 3D Printed organs to be utilised in many different areas from Organovo.

3D Printed Bladder not yet ready for human trials.

Rapid Additive Forging Technology

Speed is what we strive for in this day and age. However, speed has not traditionally been a part of the 3D Printing world. 3D Printed models can take from a few hours all the way to a few weeks to manufacture depending on which material is being used and how fast the 3D Printer is manufactured to be. The fact that 3D Printing is largely a slow entity has led to high costs in printing and companies to strive for faster, more reliable 3D Printing solutions. Enter Prodways!

Prodways is a company that is working to revolutionise the industry by making 3D Printers faster than ever before. What takes weeks in a standard 3D Printer will eventually take just a few minutes with this company at the helm. Prodways has impacted industries in all facets of life such as aerospace, medical, automotive, and dental. With these types of companies in mind, manufacturing must be made to be faster if 3D Printers are to stand up to increased demand. Prodways is continuing to integrate faster and more accurate 3D Printers through their Rapid Additive Forging Technology for industry greatly impacting the world.

3D Printed Alternator for vehicle manufacturers from Prodways.

PCB Manufacturing

When thinking of the 3D Printing industry as a whole, many images come to mind. Prototyping has become easier and faster than ever before, but one area that still remains behind the times is PCB manufacturing. Circuit board manufacturing can take days to accomplish with a standard 3D Printer, but today, that time is being drastically reduced by one company, Nano Dimensions.

Nano Dimensions is focused primarily on PCB manufacturing and prototyping and introduced the very first electronics based 3D Printer capable of printing intricate circuit board 3D Prints. As advanced as this was in 2016, they have now revolutionised the industry once again by upgrading their Dragonfly 2020 to be able to prototype for PCB manufacturing in just a few hours as opposed to days of production. The possibilities are endless for Nano Dimensions as they open up new worlds of discovery for professional PCB manufacturers and those just breaking into the industry.

3D Printed Circuit Board from Nano Dimensions

Times are significantly changing within the 3D Printing Industry and we can thank many innovative companies for their accomplishments within the industry. Faster 3D Printers, intricate circuit boards, and even impressive medical devices produced by 3D Print technology have impacted the lives of average citizens and professional engineers alike. These innovations are not the only impressive entities to come from the 3D Printing industry and as more sophisticated technologies become available, there is no telling where the industry will be taken to in the future. The future is bright for 3D Printing and life, as a whole, has been made better by innovation in 3D Printing technologies.

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