Another Way 3D Printers Are Disrupting Many Industries

(Please be safe when producing your 3D Printed pumps and do so at your own risk.)

3D Printers may have started out as a means of printing a 3-dimensional piece of art, but this unique form of manufacturing has evolved into an entity all its own. 3D Printing has begun to impact industries of all types and has enabled average people, who would ordinarily have to order replacement parts for the items the own, to take the act into their own hands. 3D Printers can print practically anything these days and is, yet again, impacting another industry.

3D Printed pumps may seem like a very small thing, but when you think of exactly how many household items and manufacturing needs involve pumps, the implications are amazing. We will examine just a few of the possibilities for 3D Printed pumps.

MTL is Getting Involved

MTL or Microsystems Technology Laboratories has been instrumental in research and development of technologies such as communication, health, energy, environmental concerns, and computation. Many of their systems rely on the need for motors to run pumps to keep the system running. MTL has traditionally ordered their pumps from a company and due to the small scale of these micro pumps, they can be remarkably expensive. As with any industry, MTL is always looking for ways to reduce their overall cost to ensure their research remains cost effective.

3D Printers are making it possible for MTL to maintain its pump needs while lowering its overhead. Instead of ordering each, individual pump required and hoping specification are correct, MTL is choosing to 3D Print their pumps. This action enables them to produce pumps for an average of ₤2.89 each. Cutting costs in this manner might seem like a small detail, but it is often the confounding of smaller details that make the difference in larger companies. Small things make the biggest impact and these 3D Printed pumps certainly are small things.

3D Printing Pumps

Interior 3D Printed pumps for MTL

Medical Implications

The medical field has lovingly embraced the 3D Printer. They have been used to create limbs, bones, organs, and many other body parts to help patients heal and lead a relatively normalised life. However, even with all of the efforts made within the medical industry, heart disease remains a serious problem. Prevention is key, but sometimes issues arise quickly even if the person is relatively healthy. In these instances, heredity issues can take over leaving the patient without a lot of options. 3D Printers are now paving the way with possibilities for these and virtually all heart patients.

The solution comes from the University of Minnesota where researchers have finally replicated a human heart pump that is comprised of actual human cells. The 3D Printed heart pump allows the body to pump blood to and from the heart, naturally, but it also helps to monitor the patient’s heart more effectively than other medical devices. Although this particular model will need more development and human trials before it is available to the public, we may soon have a way to fight back heredity and give a new positive light in the face of heart disease.

Not Just for Big Name Companies

MTL is certainly a big name in the technology department, but what about the rest of us? How can a 3D Printed pump help us in our everyday needs? That is a huge question, but one that is easy to answer. Think about your home. Inside the various components in your home are pumps of various types. Water pumps carry water from well systems, water tanks, and even in the back of our toilets. These parts wear out from time to time and must be replaced. Ordering these parts can require a considerable wait for the part to come in. Additionally, sometimes when the piece does arrive, it can be missing an essential component leading to even more delay.

3D Printers can be a significant help around the home. 3D Printed pumps are easy to manufacture with your own 3D Printer and you need not worry for weeks waiting on a piece to come in. Home repairs do not happen at our convenience and sometimes occur on weekends or holidays when repair shops and parts stores are not open. 3D Printers place the power of manufacturing your own 3D Printed pumps in your capable hands. You need not worry about a piece missing. You can just 3D Print what you need and should your vehicle need maintenance, 3D Printers have the potential to 3D Print your vehicle’s water pump and other essential components without the need to take it to the mechanic.

3D Printers are revolutionising the world like we have never seen before. They are used in industries that have traditionally relied on costly manufacturing for their needs driving manufacturing costs down drastically. They are instrumental in many medical procedures and even help out around the house. There is no limit to what 3D Printers can do, so if you have yet to embrace this amazing technology, what are you waiting for?

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