People are naturally curious and that curiosity has led to some of the most influential products and services the world over. Without innovation and curious individuals, we would not have the internet, our all important phones, or even basic electricity. For as long as inventors have been inventing products, there have been professional protypes being manufactured for big bucks. Today, things are a little different. Entrepreneurs are no longer tied down with the inability to afford the high cost inflicted by some prototype companies. 3D Printing has freed us from the confines of controlling big businesses and now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and realize your dreams. Here are just some ways 3D Printers can help you become an entrepreneur.

3D Printers Are Expensive Aren’t They?

Sticker shock with 3D Printers can be a common problem. It is easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a new 3D Printer that costs upwards $10,000, but keep in mind, you will not start out with the top commercial 3D Printer on the market. Like any new venture, starting slow and working your way up is the best way to ensure you grow your company intelligently. Getting into debt too quickly is what tends to drown a budding idea. Thankfully, there are many 3D Printers that provide quality 3D Prints without breaking the bank.

Desktop 3D Printers can start at about $100 and go up into the thousands, but price should not be your only thought when shopping. Read reviews before purchasing your first 3D Printer and see what others say. Sometimes, depending on what you intend on prototyping, a standard desk top printer should be your first investment. Below is the Comgrow Creality, an example of a quality 3D Printer ideal for many different projects.

Cromgrow Creality Ender 3D Printer, Convenient price with High versatility!

Troubleshoot Your Idea

When producing a prototype, trial and error is always a part of the process. You may have to go through many different prototypes before settling on one that meets your expected needs. This can get very expensive when using a company to make each prototype. Testing prototypes is easier when you have your own way of manufacturing them. Being able to 3D Print your idea and actually see if it works in real time is essential to becoming a profitable entrepreneur. Test your product in various scenarios and even have trusted family members use the 3D Printed product to see how they like it. Getting family members involved is, however, only recommended if they live in your home or are the type that would never steal your idea. Be careful who you show your idea to.

Troubleshoot Your Idea with the Help of 3D Imaging and 3D Printed Products. It may take time to get it right.

Market to Investors

Your initial step into entrepreneurship can be a challenge, but as long as you start slow and do not get ahead of yourself, the process will be a profitable. After testing your prototype, you will want to get it into the eyes and minds of possible investors. Before this step can occur, however, you are highly encouraged to copywrite the idea and prototype. This is where you will want to get everything legal and correct because if there is a loophole in the copywrite, anyone can take your idea legally.

After the proper legalities have been taken care of, meet with investors to promote your idea. Even if you are not an avid speaker or experienced in pitching ideas, use these tips to help you make the best impression on potential investors looking to invest in your new 3D Printed idea.

This is an image of two business hands performing a handshake.

A Firm Handshake is Always Recommended.

Have A Model for Every Investor – In this instance, 3D Printers are vital and ensure investors do not have to pass your single model around but get time to inspect it for themselves during the pitch.

Make a Quality Business Plan – Your 3D Printed Model might be perfect for what you are trying to achieve, but the investor is not simply investing in the model, but in you as well. Show them you understand how business works by having an excellent business plan available. Remember, it takes an average of about 3 months for an investor to make a decision on a specific product. It is not as fast as we see it happen on television.

Practice Your Elevator Pitch – When you walk in to present your idea, you have to show your passion for it at all times. Be excited and practice your elevator pitch to family before entering the pitching location. Your elevator pitch should not be more than 5 minutes. The investors time is their money, so never waste it.

Know Your Product – Be prepared to answer questions about your 3D Printed Product as there will be plenty of them.

Your dreams of being an entrepreneur are within reach and never allow past failures to influence your future. 3D Printers are opening up a whole new world of possibilities for investors and inventors alike, so do not be afraid. Get out there and see what you can accomplish.


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