Have you ever faced a problem that may not seem like a large issue, but still would love a product to take care of it? Perhaps, you know how to make it, but unfortunately have no way of paying steep prototyping costs? 3D Printers have now taken the act of prototyping away from big name companies and placed it, lovingly, in the hands of average people the world over. Interesting problem solving products are being 3D Printed every day and here are some of the best we have found.


Disclaimer: We do not promote making keys for illegal purposes and would hope that our readers would only use this idea for practical purposes.

House keys, car keys, locker keys, we all have them and sometimes they get misplaced or break. Locksmiths charge a lot of money to unlock cars, homes, and recut keys from scratch. Where certain keys, such as those featuring a computer chip for cars, do not allow for standard reprinting, 3D Printers can provide a unique opportunity to help you keep track of your keys. As 3D Printers can now handle a variety of different materials, producing keys for standard locks is an option. Car keys can be 3D Printed as well, but due to the specialised chip will likely not turn on the car, but simply unlock the doors. Having a spare 3D Printed key can, however, keep you from locking your keys in the house or car.

3D Printed Keys for Home, Auto, and Any Legal Use.

Phone Speakers

Mobile phones have certainly become an important part of our lives. What started out as a means of simple communication has turned into a way to keep us entertained and do many other daily tasks. Among a smartphone’s entertainment features, is the ability to play music. Audio speakers are fun to own, but can be too complicated to use, especially if you do not understand how Bluetooth works. The key is not to own a loud, complicated speaker, but to simply amplify the sound coming out of your phone. Below is a unique 3D Printed way to amplify your phone’s sound without more complicated devices. This could be an ideal solution for those that are a bit hard of hearing or would prefer to keep their phone on speaker while talking to friends and family.

3D Printed Sound Amplifier for Smartphones.

Make Silverware Easier to Use

This issue is not a problem for everyone, but for those that have tremors or other reasons why holding silverware may be a challenge, feeding one’s self can be quite a challenge. The main problem is the slim line profile of cutlery. It can easily slip out of your hands and simply be difficult to use if hand eye coordination is an issue. 3D Printed cutlery holders solve this problem perfectly. They are easily adapted to most types of silverware as they can be 3D Printed using flexible materials that allow the utensil to be inserted into the apparatus. Any way you can allow the elderly or disabled to maintain their independence, it is certainly a blessing.

3D Printed Cutlery Holders ideal for elderly and disabled people.

Save Space

Space is difficult to come by in many areas. Homes come in a range of various shapes and sizes, but finding a place for everything in the home, can be a problem. Buying items for the problem is limiting and gets expensive. However, 3D Printers are not simply for artistic projects. They solve practical problems including space saving issues. Find space you never knew you had and solve problems around the house by using your imagination and 3D Printing. Below is a cute, unique way to store toilet paper without taking up vital counter and cabinet space.

3D Printed Toilet Paper Holder. Perfect for a kid’s bathroom or a quirky adult.

All in One Dry Measuring Cup

An interesting piece of information that some cooks do not realise is that dry measuring cups and wet ingredient measuring cups are different. They are not exactly the same measure and that is why dry measuring cups come in multiple cups rather than just one cup. However, 3D Printed measuring cups can be made to give you the right measure in a unique, all in one cube, perfect for measuring out any dry ingredient from small amounts to large. It may not solve a huge problem for most cooks, but it can give more time without searching endlessly for the right measuring cup and spoon.

3D Printed Dry Measuring Cup. Fun to print and easy to use for small and large amounts.

I hope we have got your mind reeling with new ideas and when you need those ideas produced or prototyped, 3D Printers are here to help. Whether you have an idea that will solve a simple problem or a large one, all it takes is a bit of imagination, a quality 3D Printer, and the right materials to make it happen.




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