Disclaimer: Please remember to always 3D Print items at your own risk and if you intend on 3D Printing items of a tiny nature, always be careful around children as these things can sometimes be made small enough to be swallowed.

3D Printing is a world all its own. You can create anything your mind comes up with. 3D Printers have the ability to create entire homes and the potential to have a substantial impact on producing the ability to live on other planets, but what about the smallest of things? Small things matter too and if you have ever wondered if your 3D Printer can make a minuscule item of your heart’s desire, yes it can.

Unique Characters

Wearing your favorite characters is not simply a trend, but something we humans have been doing for many years. Marketing characters for companies make billions annually for various brands, but thanks to 3D Printers, you no longer must be a slave to a specific company. With the right computer program, and some artistic abilities, you too can have trinkets to wear on necklaces and bracelets to show off what you love.

Disclaimer: For anyone wishing to 3D Print copyrighted materials, you should do so for your own use and never with the hopes of distribution.

An example of just how small charms and trinkets can be made. Ideal for both children and adults to find their ideal character, 3D Print it, and wear it with pride.

Microscopic 3D Prints

The above image is certainly small, but it is not the smallest form of 3D Prints available. There is a specific market for microscopic 3D Prints as well. It sounds a bit odd, but artists are always looking to make their mark on the world through even the smallest avenue. This notion began to take hold many years ago at the invention of the computer chip. Although computer chips were manufactured to aid in computer programing, those programmers were not without their own artistic ability. Computer chips in common products have microscopic pieces of art hidden in their makeup and when you have a microscope powerful enough to see, you can find the artists mark right there on the computer chip.

Companies such as Chipworks actually make these artistic pieces on a regular basis for clients.

3D Printer artists have taken the concept even further with the invention of microscopic 3D Printing. Although you may not see this type of artwork on a large scale, it is interesting to know that some of our most popular 3D Printed items may have microscopic pieces of 3D Printed artwork lurking in their makeup.

3D Printed racecar

A microscopic 3D Printed racecar.

Doll Furniture

Dolls are a part of most little girl’s lives and having your doll decked out with the best accessories and furniture is what every little girl wants. Traditionally, doll furnishings for doll houses are made from wood. These artists painstakingly carve each piece, generally by hand, and due to their intricate detail, the pieces can be phenomenally expensive. There are plastic alternatives, but wood tends to hold a better sentimental value as many antique doll furnishings are made with such quality craftsmanship that they can be passed from one generation to the next.

3D Printers open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to such intricate design work. Although a true doll furniture crafts person is highly difficult to find, many artists have turned to 3D Printing for the design of some of the best doll furnishings on the market. What is great about this avenue is that 3D Printing is not merely available for plastic based pieces but can be made out of wood and even stone materials adding to the versatility and durability of the final product.

3D Printed doll furniture

3D Printed doll furniture

Interlocking Building Blocks

Imagination comes alive when kids are given a set of interlocking building blocks. There are a number of companies that manufacture these imagination granting toys, but today’s building blocks can be very expensive. However, if you have your own 3D Printer why not design your own. The best thing about designing your own interlocking building blocks is that you can control the material, color, and virtually every aspect of the piece. Give your kids the gift of imagination in the best way possible with 3D Printed interlocking building blocks.

3D Printed interlocking building blocks

Large scale 3D Printing can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it is nice to take things to a smaller level. Many of the above 3D Printed items are made just for fun but imagine the implications of microscopic and small-scale 3D Printing on areas such as the medical field. Ideas such as nano technology becomes a bit more attainable with 3D Printers and those supposed science fiction ideas depicted in movies can become a bit truer than fiction. There are no limits to how large or small 3D Printers can make things for both fun and practical use.

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