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16Aug 2019

People are naturally curious and that curiosity has led to some of the most influential products and services the world over. Without innovation and curious individuals, we would not have the internet, our all important phones, or even basic electricity. For as long as inventors have been inventing products, there have been professional protypes being […]

09Aug 2019

3D Printing Down on the Farm Revolutionary Tools for the Laborious Task of Farming (Note that 3D Printed Farm Supplies do not meet strict farm supply regulations and therefore, always take great caution when utilising these parts on heavy, industrial equipment. Proceed at your own risk.) When thinking of farming, images of quaint little farms […]

24May 2019

Retro is making a comeback Trends, like history, repeat themselves over time. Currently Retro, and those things which tend to lean to the retro look and feel, are gaining momentum. What was common in the 70s, 80s and early 90s have been categorised as being Retro. If you are not feeling old at this point, […]

10May 2019

3D Printing is a fun way to express creativity or prototype products without the hassle of a middle man production team, but today, 3D Printing is finding its way into the restaurant industry as well. If you have dined in some of the best restaurants on the planet with the most innovative options, you are […]

10May 2019

How 3D Printing can assist in restoration projects Historical architecture, traditionally speaking, can pose quite an obstacle to architects, especially when the space is to be re-envisioned and restored. Communities may have specific guidelines in place for the materials and the aesthetics for the building. It is important that you check with local building and […]