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The act of 3D Printing is not a seemingly complicated process. Generally speaking, a material is placed in the machine with the sole purpose of generating a 3D Printed piece that is comprised of one type of material. In order to add an additional material, a new filament must be added and extruded directly on […]

The world loves chocolate. That is certainly no secret. Cultures and nations may vary on the level of cocoa they prefer, but the vast majority of humanity has embraced the beauty and comfort of chocolate. When we think of chocolate, we often think of our favorite candy bar or the confectionary creations of a world […]

How 3D Printing can assist in restoration projects Historical architecture, traditionally speaking, can pose quite an obstacle to architects, especially when the space is to be re-envisioned and restored. Communities may have specific guidelines in place for the materials and the aesthetics for the building. It is important that you check with local building and […]

Nature is full of beauty and much of the art, even in the industrial world, can be inspired from natural entities. 3D Printing has, traditionally, be a resource for artistic freedom, but more and more 3D Print artists are looking to nature for inspiration. The results are awe inspiring and many of these new 3D […]

Any and all tools used in this article should only be used by trained individuals wearing proper protective equipment such as gloves and eye safety goggles. Attempt at your own risk. The World of 3D Printing is Moving to the Workbench Today, almost any device can be made with the use of 3D Printing technology. […]

What Is It and What Implications Can It Have on the World? The term 3D Printing is a concept that most people understand. Instead of the standard 2D printed image on paper or other type of material, the image comes to life fully formed in a 3-Dimensional application right from the machine. It is understandable […]