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Retro is making a comeback Trends, like history, repeat themselves over time. Currently Retro, and those things which tend to lean to the retro look and feel, are gaining momentum. What was common in the 70s, 80s and early 90s have been categorised as being Retro. If you are not feeling old at this point, […]

As 3D Printing evolves, we are treated to more filaments to choose from. Where PLA and ABS tend to be the standard materials for basic 3D Printing, in 2019, new materials are making it possible to 3D Print anything you could want, with varying strength grades for all sorts of projects. Here are some of […]

It is currently estimated that the cosmetics industry has grown to approximately $99 billion in annual sales. This number has continually grown as more people turn to cosmetics as a form of the coveted fountain of youth. Even the 3D Printing world has taken note of this booming business and are catering products specifically toward […]

Nature is full of beauty and much of the art, even in the industrial world, can be inspired from natural entities. 3D Printing has, traditionally, be a resource for artistic freedom, but more and more 3D Print artists are looking to nature for inspiration. The results are awe inspiring and many of these new 3D […]

Trends of 2018 and What the Future Holds 3D Printing technology has adapted so well into today’s world that it can often be quite difficult to determine whether a figure was sculpted by hand or with the use of a 3D Printer. What began with the first 3D Printer in 1984 has blossomed into an […]

A New Way to Plant Your Favorite Plants When it comes to gaming and cultural fads which have a global following, none has had the popularity and following as Pokémon. According to DMR, at its peak, there were nearly 5 million active users for Pokémon Go daily. This does not include additional followers such as […]

Solutions to Complex Problems in MEP using 3D Printing Architects and Engineers face several problems that they must circumvent during the creation of any architectural structure. Primarily, these issues arise when laying out the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and public health) elements. The main reason that such issues occur is that there is a lack of […]

The Art of Architectural 3D Printing BIM technology is nothing new to the Architectural community. Since the early versions of AutoDesk REVIT, designers have been able to see in real time their developments in multi-dimensions. This coupling between the 2D necessitates of the Architectural world (sheets, sections, floor plans, etc.), as well as the 3D […]