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Steps to Ensure Your Idea Remains Legally Yours Disclaimer: As with any potential business venture, there are risks to consider before investing in a patents. Any and all investments should be accomplished at the potential patent holders own risk and please seek expert advice before pursuing a patent for any invention. We have all had […]

How 3D Printing Can Restore Broken or Lost Heirlooms We all have things lying around our home that have sentimental value. These items can be passed down from one generation to another and can hold warm, happy memories. Unfortunately, we also live in an imperfect world and due to human error or just an accident, […]

3D Printing is a fun way to express creativity or prototype products without the hassle of a middle man production team, but today, 3D Printing is finding its way into the restaurant industry as well. If you have dined in some of the best restaurants on the planet with the most innovative options, you are […]

As 3D Printing evolves, we are treated to more filaments to choose from. Where PLA and ABS tend to be the standard materials for basic 3D Printing, in 2019, new materials are making it possible to 3D Print anything you could want, with varying strength grades for all sorts of projects. Here are some of […]