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We have all dreamed of one day eliminating our need for petrol in our cars and great strides have been made in the electric car sector of vehicle manufacturing. Big name companies such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota have introduced hybrid vehicles that bring us a step closer to reaching our goals and reducing our […]

Taking 3D Printing to the skies Aerospace typically conjures up images of astronauts and space shuttles. Right now, some of you probably have the Star Trek, Star Wars, or Lost in Space soundtrack playing through your mind. The fact is that Aerospace has always been a realm of imagination and exploration. As a culture, we […]

News and Projections for Dental 3D Printing Medical Advancements, specifically where 3D Printing is concerned, has shown tremendous promise in the past few years. Within the dental industry, the use of Desktop 3D Printers has made it possible for local businesses to run more efficiently and to cater more to their clientele’s needs. As the […]

As 3D Printing evolves, we are treated to more filaments to choose from. Where PLA and ABS tend to be the standard materials for basic 3D Printing, in 2019, new materials are making it possible to 3D Print anything you could want, with varying strength grades for all sorts of projects. Here are some of […]

It is currently estimated that the cosmetics industry has grown to approximately $99 billion in annual sales. This number has continually grown as more people turn to cosmetics as a form of the coveted fountain of youth. Even the 3D Printing world has taken note of this booming business and are catering products specifically toward […]

Trends of 2018 and What the Future Holds 3D Printing technology has adapted so well into today’s world that it can often be quite difficult to determine whether a figure was sculpted by hand or with the use of a 3D Printer. What began with the first 3D Printer in 1984 has blossomed into an […]