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Industry Accomplishments, New Materials, and Where Do We Go from Here? Disclaimer: Safety is the number one priority when using 3D Printers for any purpose, so please keep projects safe and perform them at your own risk. 2020 has certainly been a unique year in many ways. The pandemic has caused extensive grief to some […]

We have all dreamed of one day eliminating our need for petrol in our cars and great strides have been made in the electric car sector of vehicle manufacturing. Big name companies such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota have introduced hybrid vehicles that bring us a step closer to reaching our goals and reducing our […]

3D Printing is a fun way to express creativity or prototype products without the hassle of a middle man production team, but today, 3D Printing is finding its way into the restaurant industry as well. If you have dined in some of the best restaurants on the planet with the most innovative options, you are […]

News and Projections for Dental 3D Printing Medical Advancements, specifically where 3D Printing is concerned, has shown tremendous promise in the past few years. Within the dental industry, the use of Desktop 3D Printers has made it possible for local businesses to run more efficiently and to cater more to their clientele’s needs. As the […]

As 3D Printing evolves, we are treated to more filaments to choose from. Where PLA and ABS tend to be the standard materials for basic 3D Printing, in 2019, new materials are making it possible to 3D Print anything you could want, with varying strength grades for all sorts of projects. Here are some of […]